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  1. Hey, I'm trying to setup Qbittorrent but everytime I connect my VPN, that is using a Pinned IP address and I have setup port forwarding on that IP. I have also setup Qbittorrent to use the port in question and canyouseeme.org reports that the port is open. The problem is that no peers are able to connect. The trackers are there, there are hundreds of peers, just no one connects so no uploads happen. I have attempted to use utorrent and deluge, and are met with the same results, little to no peers connecting, and little to no upload speeds. When I disconnect the VPN and attempt to seed, it connects peers but it still uploads at a very slow rate, if at all. I'm using a Tplink Archer C7 with DD-wrt flashed on it. I do not have port forwarding setup on the router. I assumed that it wouldn't look at the router for that stuff because the VPN is handling that.