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    S7 Android 8 UDP not working over cell interface

    Yeah, but then some apps like music streaming Spotify etc wouldn't work, no? I mean I expect those to be using UDP. I tested all the ports again and discovered that UDP 4443 Stealth with 128 bit AES works, but not with any other encryption settings (like 256 bit AES.) Strange eh? How the hell can it tell which encryption I'm using when the packet is re-encrypted in an SSL layer? I think my network might be actively trying to prevent VPN's from working...
  2. TheProphecy

    S7 Android 8 UDP not working over cell interface

    Yeah, tried different ports, no change. Tried the Stealth port 4443, same issue. Currently using 53 for TLS-Crypt. Also tried from different locations, always the same issue...
  3. Good day. Installed latest (1.1.36) TorGuard Android VPN client. I like it, works fine so far. However, UDP is not working correctly when going thru the cellular interface (works fine via WIFI.) I can connect fine, and the client is able to verify it's external IP address, but when I try to browse to a website, nada - the browser appears to connect (the progress bar advances a little) but then nothing else happens, and the browser eventually reports an error (Google Chrome says I'm disconnected.) Works fine if I use TCP instead. Found someone on Stack Exchange with a similar issue and someone replied it was possibly related to MTU - with UDP if the packet is too big it's just dropped, whereas with TCP it's resent in smaller units.I can get to /sys/class/net/rmnetN (there are 8 rmnet's) and some have an MTU of 1500 and some 1430 - This looks pretty normal. I don't know how to open a shell, so unless I install one, I can't use ping to test packet sizes + the phone is not rooted so I can't edit the MTU values for the devices anyway. Is there anything I can do to make UDP work? Regards,
  4. Good day. Ohhh, so your installer does install the latest, so long as we have a proper version of Windows - I didn't know, all it offered me was 9.21.1. So you've seen issues with 9.21.2 on Win7? I shall have to pay attention, I have not seen anything myself, but I wasn't pushing/pulling a lot of traffic through. Alright then, I'll defer to your experience with many users, 9.21.1 might be a better choice on Win7. If I run into issues I'll remove .2 and install .1 (and then come back here and reply "you told me so" lol). Regards,
  5. Good day. That the TAP adapter is pre-selected is not the problem, the problem is that the installer will not let me deselect the adapter; it insist on installing what is for me an older version. Version 9.21.0 is known to be buggy, and the jury is still out on 9.21.1 (from 2014). However, 9.21.2 (from 2016) has been working fine for me on another VPN provider, so I am not interested in going backwards to 9.21.1. What this means is that each time I will want to update the client, I will have to: Un-install the existing TAP adapter, so as to avoid ending-up with multiple TAP adapters in Device Manager. Install your client which will re-create the adapter with an older driver and a lame "network adapter 2" name. Go back to device manager and again un-install the TAP adapter. Go into the DriverStore and delete the unwanted version of the driver. Install the version that I want, and again, rename the adapter to something better than "network adapter 2" If this needed to be done only once every 2 years I would not complain, but new TorGuard clients come out several times a year. In my eyes this is placing an undue burden on users who want to use an already installed TAP adapter. I could switch to using OpenVPN directly, but then I'd have to play around with ovpn files and scripts and it would make everything more painful. As for Firewall issues: I have Block Outbound by default on all profiles, so I need to whitelist any EXE that wants to get out. With TAP 9.9.2-3, the OpenVPN.exe allow-outbound rule is ignored, and all traffic is blocked. With newer TAP this same rule, with no changes, works just fine. Google reveals various issues with Windows Firewall and OpenVPN. Often the solution is to give the TAP adapter a default gateway which makes possible changing the connection type from the Public profile to the Private or Work profile. However, it -is- in this case a public network, and I want to keep it in that profile. So I ask that users be able to unselect both TAP drivers in the TorGuard client installer. Thank you.
  6. Good day. I guess this a Feature Request? I think the port-reservation website should let us pick a "pool" (a city) and then suggest a server automatically; even better if it looks at which port we want and then picks a server that doesn't have that port already reserved.Here is why I'd like this: When you connect to a "pool" the VPN client picks a server randomly from that pool. This means that on average, every server in the pool will have the same load - the same number of users using it. However, if 1000 people have reserved ports on Server A, then we can expect that particular server to have, on a bad day, 1000 more people using it, since TorGuard graciously lets us pick which server we connect to (you can "pin" a server in the client, or even multiple ones if you want.) So if I were to want to pick a server for my own port forwards, I'd want the server with the least amount of people already reserving ports on it Because that particular server should be the one with the least load, on average. As it is, I can't really pick any server over any another in the same pool, since they all ping about the same - I can't tell which has the least load. This should also benefit TorGuard, helping to distribute load across servers more evenly. Regards,
  7. Good day. Can TorGuard please adjust the Client Installer so that we can un-select the TAP adapter? It currently picks the old 9.9.2-3 by default (On Win7) which does not work with the Windows Firewall, and the only other choice is to install 9.21.1 - I am already using a newer version, I do not want to have to fight the installer every time a new TorGuard client comes out. Thank you.