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    Very slow download speed

    I was working via a support ticket (as I was advised to when I was using the chat) and made a bit of progress. note: I did get rid of Kaspersky and using Avast instead. One issue was that my computer uses a wifi USB adapter due to the isolated location of the PC. It was originally in a 2.0 port but once I switched it over to a 3.0 port my speeds did increase. However, I was still getting a fraction of the speed of my non-VPN connection...basically ~25--35 Mbps with the VPN on while ~200-220 Mbps with it off (switching the USB port also increased that as well). In order to get the ~25-30 Mbps I also switched over to using the OpenConnect / UDP settings. Any others actually drop be back to ~10 Mbps. I did just try the suggestion around the TAP adapter and did confirm it's the 9.9 driver but it did not seem to allow me to go over 30 Mbps (unless I messed up the re-install somehow) The thing is I also tested TorGuard on my iPad and it is significantly faster (100+ Mbps)...so the latest communication was that they were suspecting that "this only say there issue on PC level like some app or hardware limitation."
  2. I have been noticing that my download speeds have been brutally slow when using TorGuard version 3.90.0 on my Windows 10 machine. Without running it, on both http://www.speedtest.net/ and https://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ I will get about 130+ Mbps download. However, when I use TorGuard and connect to various servers such as Germany, Canada - Vancouver, Canada - Toronto, USA - Seattle, USA - San Francisco I will get about 20 Mbps or less. I have tried to set different things such as: - Tunnel Type: OpenVPN - Protocol: UDP and TCP - Port / Auth: Auto - Cipher: AES-128-CBC and AES-256-CBC - STunnel: unchecked - Proxy: Direct connection (no proxy) Network settings When I tried to use a Tunnel Type of OpenConnect I will get a download speed of about 10-12 Mbps. As a side note I am also running Kaspersky Free AV. I had turned it off for the testing so I don't think it is a factor in this because again if I leave it on but turn off the VPN my speeds are back to the expected high levels. Are there other configurations I could do? Is there any other information I can supply which will assist in debugging this?