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  1. Hello, I currently have Linksys E4200 & E900 . However when i setup the openVPN using tomato/DD-WRT firmwares , i get low speed compared when i use the client on windows for same servers. As i Understood it's because of the low cpu for these routers. So I was wondering any suggestions for good value router to get, which have better processor with better speed when using the OpenVPN ? For example is TP-Link N600 Wireless Dual Band Router [TL-WDR3500] a good upgrade than the one i currently have ? or it's worth pay more and upgrade for RT-AC86U ? or Is there some settings i can do for my current routers to increase the speed ? this is an example for the speed test using the Windows client & router for OpenVPN for same server & settings https://imgur.com/6mxryB4 https://imgur.com/CQN0wl0 Thanks in advance