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  1. 1. No you can changes to and from your residential IP, you get a unique IP that you add to client 2. Yes, you can´t have it running on more then ones client, if you can I have no idea 3. in the client the is a IP for Madrid or Valencia not sure when it is, but you do have one of them 4. Normally I see 30-60 Mbps on my residential IP in NYC Hope it helps
  2. Dan_C

    Black Friday

    not sure if there will be another https://torguard.net/blackfriday-vpn.php
  3. Dan_C

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    sorry but it is still not as you can see CBS is but torguard is not
  4. Dan_C

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Hi Any chance you will make it available for android TV, on google play, I have no problem in sideload it, just like to auto update it, Thanks Dan
  5. HI Balexter I have been told about the residential IP " We will not have any on the east coast for some time, it may be November before we do" Now I am not that smart so I just keep asking them the samme over and over in the hope I get a it will be there next week and I sad to see you still have problems with your streaming I was hoping it was better now you have a new IPS
  6. Dan_C

    Stolen Computer/Cell Phone - Cannot Log In

    you can contact them here https://torguard.net/store/index.php?route=information/contact
  7. Dan_C

    Question about intercontinental speed

    HI there Balexter The New York one is the same as you have or can use, About the streaming ip it was move from Arizona to Michigan, after it was done I did get a better speed out of it. but as you have try it I am not sure, it will help you It can also be that your ISP are throttling you when using VPN, I have been trying out difference VPN providers, and did come back to torguard as I got the best streaming speed I did try out one where then speed I got out of New York, as the was the streaming ip was only good for SD but at the same time a friend got the speed I was after. But I never got that. So after 20 days I ask for a refund
  8. Dan_C

    Question about intercontinental speed

    HI Balexter Now I can only tell you have thing are from my view and like you I am in Europa. Now I have only need using the residential IP from Oakland for a couple of days but at the same time and when the time on it is up that will be it I get anything from 7 mbps to 30 in download upload is from 2 to 4 mbps I also have a streaming ip in Michigan that will normally give me 40-50 mbps in download upload is 15-30 mbps not that I using it to upload with. TG New York here I normally get something like 60-70 in download upload is from 40-55 mbps. If I use London I have 70 mbps and up and a upload there is the same hope it helps you
  9. HI Lul after you have bought the IP you have to send in a ticket to support and you will then get a ip you then will have to add, and then reload Netflix to get the streaming ip to work, most be a new thing with streaming other place then the US best of luck
  10. I am on a 100/100 I do live a across the pond so I will never get full speed, but at the same time I do have over 70 if I use New York, and in London it is close to max
  11. I am using a streaming ip for now and I do get 40-50 mbps, from it, so that is fine, and I will keep asking them for an residential on the east coast as it is the closest to me
  12. Wow thanks, and here I was planning taking it for 1 year I like the idea that it was on a 10 gb network. Not sure if an Russian ip was going to help me
  13. Hi John1 No I don’t have one I stop using torguard, as I did have some problem with the android app on my TV, the TV did not turn off, so I did have to take the power plug out to turn it off. It is only fun for so long. I did a trail on 3 days with Nordvpn no problem with the app but in the middle of a tv show it just stopped and then Netflix was telling me I was using unblock. I did sign up with expressvpn for 30 days the only problem there was speed, torguard did fix the android app, and it works and also I will only have a one on the east coast
  14. John1 did you order a residential IP or are you just looking on the frontpage, I think DC no#2 will be up and running next week, you need to order it on your dashbord, and after that you get a email Thanks for your Residential IP order - these IP's are not activated automatically, we require you to open a ticket entitled "Residential IP Request" here https://torguard.net/submitticket.php and our staff will review and assign your IP.. Best of luck
  15. Dan_C

    MLB.TV with Anonymous VPN

    Now I don’t using mlb.tv, I think you will find most VPN are have problems, with white listing IP for tv channels, if I was you I would try to add a streaming IP or better a residential IP you can try it for 30 days to see if helps you. you will find the in addons. Best of luck