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  1. Connecting to LA (Asia Optimised) seems to have fixed the issue, thanks! Is this something I am going to have to do every time or is it a temporary issue?
  2. No I haven't done anything like that, just been using it as usual. I normally connect to Sydney or Melbourne but neither of them worked so I tried New Zealand and that didn't work either.
  3. I am a real novice at this stuff so please excuse anything dumb I say. But when I connect to a server via torguard, it connects fine and allows me to browse the internet, but when I try to start my downloads in Utorrent, it does not work. They stay suck at 0.0% and do not budge (they also have a red arrow). I also have a dedicated IP but that is not what I am using here as I only use that for Netflix. Is there a reason TorGuard would work for everything except Utorrent (which is the reason I bought it)?