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  1. Hi, Can we have a Delhi, India server? I ask this because the currently active Indian servers are both from South India. Due to the regional language barrier not many Indians know or speak Tamil or Kannad. So when I connect to these servers I see webpages and search results in languages that I don't understand. On the other hand, Delhi is mostly Hindi and English speaking. Hence it will be beneficial for a bigger populace of India. On a personal note, if Delhi is not possible, can we have a server anywhere around Northeast of India? This is admittedly not a high priority request but would love a response nevertheless.😊🙏
  2. Marco

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Hi @Support, Found another cosmetic problem with new update. The TorGuard icon in the notification bar is almost invisible when it is behind a white background. You can see the problem I am trying to describe in action in this album I have linked. I believe the icon is not being adaptive? The Play Store updated apps icon is on the other hand is being adaptive in the images I have provided. Kindly have a look. With regards
  3. Marco

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Nice work guys. A few things I noticed. 1. Stealth proxy server selection sub menu doesn't scroll up fully. 2. Using Always On VPN---> block connection without VPN invalidates restricted app exclusion. For example, previously, I had a few apps that only worked with ISP's IP address. So I had them excluded in the restricted apps section in settings. Now with Always on VPN they can't seem to connect to the internet. Interestingly, this works on Arne Schwabe's OpenVPN app. 3. With Stunnel enabled, "verified" no longer appears under "connected". The remote IP address is displayed instead. Sad to see reconnect go! Hope you guys find something else silmilar to OpenVPN connect's battery saver option. Cheers again for the new release!
  4. Marco

    Wireguard support?

    @adagari @Yann Private Internet Access posted an informative article about Wireguard a few weeks ago. That article was an eye opener for me personally. Here are the important bits regarding why we shouldn't rush to use Wireguard: "There’s still a lot of work to be done before WireGuard is ready for professional use. It is still in development and the project recommends not using in production environments yet" And... "The Windows client is even more problematic, as it is created by a 3rd party group and the source code is closed[...]Even worse, the current Windows client relies on OpenVPN’s TUN/TAP driver, which is the root cause of most of the Windows performance problems in OpenVPN and doesn’t follow any of the principles of simple, clear, and concise code. The OpenVPN TAP driver is larger than all of WireGuard combined." And... "It is crucial to understand that while WireGuard is very promising conceptually and the principles behind its development are sound, it needs to be feature complete and have independent review of all “final” components before it is safe to use in production." Tldr; while we are excited as we should be for a faster VPN experience with Wireguard, it is imperative that the protocol is complete and vetted properly before taking charge of our privacy.
  5. I have requested it for a while now. TG has assured me that this feature will be live in the next Android client release. So, you can hold your breath if you want!
  6. Same issue. Connecting from India server but Google page says UAE.🤔
  7. I got this warning when I opened TorGuard after successful OS upgrade to Pie. Never saw this on Oreo. I have 100+ apps on my app drawer; only TorGuard has shown this message so far. Fingers crossed for quick update to newer api version.🤞
  8. Marco

    Stolen Computer/Cell Phone - Cannot Log In

    If you want faster response you should open a ticket.
  9. Marco

    So many questions!!!!!!!!!

    You can request a port forward here >> My Services >> View Details >> Management Actions >> Port Management You can set your torrent client to use only the TorGuard adapter so that when VPN is disconnected it doesn't leak. In addition to that, you can setup kill switch in windows firewall so that any outgoing connection outside of VPN will fail. See this comment.
  10. Marco

    TLS 1.3 in Firefox

    With this new TLS update, does using TLS 1.2 possess any security risk? Will TorGuard adopt it anytime soon or is it relatively safe to use the 1.2 version?
  11. If you want quick resolution to your problem you should open a support ticket here.
  12. Marco

    Wireguard support?

    That's great news! Been hearing a lot about WireGuard's blazing fast speed. Please add an Indian server too for us Asian users.
  13. You can follow this linked guide to create a killswitch with windows firewall. This will ensure that without TorGuard protection any outgoing connection will fail.
  14. Marco

    TG Android Client v1.1.36

    It takes time for an app update to get published in the play store for various reasons. You can install without worrying, the apk that you can download from this website will be the same that you will find in play store.