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  1. I using a router with L2TP to access my dedicated IP by Torguard VPN. (router dont have openvpn option) I use it for IPTV tv box , streaming how needs its own ip adress Cheaper router get decent speed when use l2pt , a get 60-80mb (tested with our shared ip adress) , so it for owner off cheaper routers to get great speed
  2. Is there any plans in the future to get dedicated IPs to work on L2TP and PPTP ? It only works on open vpn , and my router is to slow for that ;(
  3. Hello ... I just started with tor vpn and bought a GL-MT300N-V2 open vpn, but a little disappointed with the output speed . 100 mbin out 12 mbit from router . I now the router is week for this but are thet any tweaking for me to do ,maby lower encryption ? Next thing a thinking about , skip the router and use an old laptop for Router vpn ? Inteternet - Old laptop with tor software - usb ethernet card - switch - pc Is this poosebly ? How do a brigde the ethernet card or use some software to do this ? Speed on laptop = 70 mbit with tor vpn