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  1. balexter


    MMhh I am not so sure about the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300. The ASUS 86U is about half the price and has the same CPU, thus theoretically the same OpenVPN throughput and it's supported by merlin too. @support: did you test the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 and the 86U as well? Could you post your results? I am curious and might be intrigued to get a new router.... Any chance of seeing your testing set up and settings? Tests with original firmware and/or merlin? kind regards
  2. balexter

    Feature thought / Request

    Hey brian, thats what the kill switch is for. Go through your client settings and you cant miss it. You can even link the kill switch to certain programs....
  3. balexter

    Streaming on Netflix won't work

    what slots are you speaking of? A dedicated streaming ip / residential ip is single use only afaik. Any second device trying to log in will result in an error.
  4. Hi JessiTom, you are right, normally that would be the case. The problem is that OpenVPN encryption is single threaded i.e. can use only one CPU core, no matter what. This is also the reason why OpenVPN on routers was/is relatively slow --> CPU is the bottleneck. What merlin does (among other things) is using the routers CPU core 2 to maintain all "normal" router functions like firewall, routing, MAC access etc etc and core 1 will focus on encryption. This way you get the max bandwidth (encryption wise) out of your router. Otherwise all would be balanced (as you already mentioned). But mind you, using core 1 solely for encryption works only with merlin firmware (as far as i know) so you need to use an ASUS router. And when you are at it choose the 86U (strongest CPU in the consumer market right now). I have seen some speedtests with the 86U and merlin firmware (under optimal environment) that could reach and breach 200MBit encrypted transfer! And thats a fantastic value. Also remember to use GCM cipher. it has a better performance. if some time goes by I am sure OpenVPN will be made multithreaded. There is currently a project underway thats called Frivpn that aims to do just that --> making Openvpn able to use more than one core. Just now for linux, hopefully some day for windows. Maybe soon wireguard will replace OpenVPN.... We will see....
  5. I second this. The 86U is awesome. Flash it with the latest merlin firmware to get more options. And make sure if you set up the vpn client with merlin to use profile 1. This way the vpn encryption will be done by routers CPU core 2 and core one will do the rest. Optimal setting due to OpenVpn being still single threaded.
  6. post scriptum: Props and kudos to JonnyQ for having this suggestion in this thread Kind regards
  7. @tumbleweedsxm thank you for your kind answer! I of course thought about all that but I found the solution to my problem in another post. @everyone else with the same problem: the solution to my problem was this: Tunnel Type - Open VPN Protocol - UDP Port Auth - Auto (or select any SHA256 manually as SHA1 has been deprecated due to security issues) Cipher - AES 128 GCM (less overhead than 256 GCM) More settings\ Network \ DNS \ When VPN is connected - use VPN DNS More settings\ Proxy - Direct Connection Before I used openconnect (in my experience faster then openvpn). I think the critical part that caused my problems is the DNS part. Before I used cloudflares Hope this helps somebody.... Problem solved, thread can be closed. Kind regards
  8. Hello folks, I need a little help from other premium network subscribers. My problem: When I connect to either of the two new Netherlands servers, I have low speed. Neither me nor TG support were able to pinpoint where the problem is. I want to ask you if some premium network subscribers (preferably from central Europe) could do some speedtests and let me know the result so I know if the problem lies with me. My tests: UK 10Gbit (reference): latency 60ish ms, downspeed 60-75Mbit (max out of my current line) Netherlands 10Gbit 1: latency 20-30 (as expected due to much lesser distance from me compared to UK), downspeed 5ish Mbit (sometimes it leaps to 30mbit for the first second but after that lowers to 5Mbit) Netherlands 10Gbit 2: same as with Netherlands 1 I would really appreciate some help and response! Thank you and have a good x-mas and a healthy and successful new year! Regards
  9. balexter

    Streaming on Netflix won't work

    More info please. Did you use a shared IP? This wont work! You need a dedicated IP. Make sure you are using your dedicated ip!
  10. balexter

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Hell folks at TG, I am on a Samsung S7 edge with Oreo (8.0) and this feature worked just fine for me. To be honest this feature was what brought me to use a VPN on my android again (battery drain was just to much beforehand). Can you please reenable it and let user decide if they activate it or disable it if it's not working? Regards
  11. I dont know for sure but I think this doable. I think it's done by forwarding. Maybe you should try a specialized site to get an sophisticated answer (smallnetbuilders). Kepp us updated if you solved your problem.
  12. Your Cpu power should be enough. Try turning off all the shenanigans your router has (such as firewall, dpi, antivirus, parental control etc. etc.). If the Speed goes up, reactivate the things you really need one by one and see if that does the trick. Aside from that, third party firewalls (such as internet security suites) are known to throttle your throughput. If you are using Windows 10 you can turn them off with peace of mind. The windows 10 firewall is capable! Would like to know if it worked....
  13. balexter

    premium network server missing

    sooo, well.... another 8 days have passed. No answer here. Your only reaction is deleting the Netherlands server from your list of 10GBit premium servers? Really? That's like putting a 50 mph sign on a broken 110 mph road. I really have expected better from you. So far you have impressed me with your service. This is just, mhh, let say disappointing. But with the Orlando Cogeant residential IP's going from premium down to "very fast", the lacking of fast streaming servers on the US east coast (ideally residential) that grant access to netflix and would therefore be a big benefit to european customers, the disappointment builds up. Go on, let die the UK premium server too, so I have an excuse to cancel the 10GBit network subscription. I hope you will do something about it soon. Best regards
  14. balexter

    premium network server missing

    Well, almost a month has passed, yet there is no premium server Netherland available. So whats going on?
  15. I second that answer. Go and buy a new asus ac86u. With that 1.8GHz CPU you will be able to get around 200MBit VPN encrypted bandwidth. At least theoretically when and if your provider (ISP and VPN) is fast enough for that. You can use Merlin on the 86u too. Make sure to use the new GCM and make sure to use profile 1 when you set up your VPN client within Merlin.. first profile will use the second core of your routers CPU. Since OpenVPN encryption is still single threaded you will use one core only for encryption and the other one for routers main functions. At this point there are no better routers for VPN out there (for this low price / end users). Have fun with your new router and your fast VPN throughput :-)