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  1. balexter

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Hell folks at TG, I am on a Samsung S7 edge with Oreo (8.0) and this feature worked just fine for me. To be honest this feature was what brought me to use a VPN on my android again (battery drain was just to much beforehand). Can you please reenable it and let user decide if they activate it or disable it if it's not working? Regards
  2. I dont know for sure but I think this doable. I think it's done by forwarding. Maybe you should try a specialized site to get an sophisticated answer (smallnetbuilders). Kepp us updated if you solved your problem.
  3. Your Cpu power should be enough. Try turning off all the shenanigans your router has (such as firewall, dpi, antivirus, parental control etc. etc.). If the Speed goes up, reactivate the things you really need one by one and see if that does the trick. Aside from that, third party firewalls (such as internet security suites) are known to throttle your throughput. If you are using Windows 10 you can turn them off with peace of mind. The windows 10 firewall is capable! Would like to know if it worked....
  4. balexter

    premium network server missing

    sooo, well.... another 8 days have passed. No answer here. Your only reaction is deleting the Netherlands server from your list of 10GBit premium servers? Really? That's like putting a 50 mph sign on a broken 110 mph road. I really have expected better from you. So far you have impressed me with your service. This is just, mhh, let say disappointing. But with the Orlando Cogeant residential IP's going from premium down to "very fast", the lacking of fast streaming servers on the US east coast (ideally residential) that grant access to netflix and would therefore be a big benefit to european customers, the disappointment builds up. Go on, let die the UK premium server too, so I have an excuse to cancel the 10GBit network subscription. I hope you will do something about it soon. Best regards
  5. balexter

    premium network server missing

    Well, almost a month has passed, yet there is no premium server Netherland available. So whats going on?
  6. I second that answer. Go and buy a new asus ac86u. With that 1.8GHz CPU you will be able to get around 200MBit VPN encrypted bandwidth. At least theoretically when and if your provider (ISP and VPN) is fast enough for that. You can use Merlin on the 86u too. Make sure to use the new GCM and make sure to use profile 1 when you set up your VPN client within Merlin.. first profile will use the second core of your routers CPU. Since OpenVPN encryption is still single threaded you will use one core only for encryption and the other one for routers main functions. At this point there are no better routers for VPN out there (for this low price / end users). Have fun with your new router and your fast VPN throughput :-)
  7. hello folks, the 10GBit premium network server Netherlands is down/missing since several days. Actually its weeks. So when will it be online again? And why is it down in the first place? UK is working fine btw. Regards
  8. Hey Dan_C, nice to read you again! :-) A residential IP on the east coast is good news! Hopefully it will be fast/10GBit. I don't have the new ISP yet. I will get my glas fibre in 1 or 2 month. Hopefully this will change my streaming situation. Just now I believe its only my problem. Surely a lot of European people stream from the USA. Maybe its because I am located in the upmost north of Germany and my peering/routing is just bad. If more people would face the same problem there would be more posts in the forum. I am wondering if a change in ISP will affect the intercontinental peering/routing. We will see... At the moment I am just flabbergasted why torguard dont has any high speed / premium servers that can bypass geoblocking on the east coast of the USA. Europe might not be the biggest market but surely a lot of people in Europe would like to stream fast and stable from the US. didn't even has to be a residential ip. Just a 10GBit streaming IP on the east coast. I hope TG will make this upgrade! Thanks for your concerns! ;.) Have a good days Sir!
  9. I would love to see a 10Gbit premium server in Germany and/or Denmark to have more choices in Europe. Some more premium servers in Europe would be very nice. Secondly what I really need/want to see is a very fast streaming/residential IP server in the USA located on the upper east coast. Maybe even a 10Gbit streaming server. The only very fast I know of is the cogent one at the west coast. The peering (and therefore speed) is terrible, only a little better than regular streaming IP's from the east coast. best regards
  10. balexter

    Question about intercontinental speed

    Hey Dan-C, Thank you again for your reply and your PM! I hope this will help me solve my problem. At the moment I fear I simply sit in a bad place concerning internet traffic peering. May changing ISP (getting glas fibre the next weeks) will make a change... Thank you again and kind regards
  11. balexter

    Question about intercontinental speed

    Hi Dan_C, Many thanks for your answer! Before the residential IP in oakland, I had a streaming IP in florida and tried out a streaming ip in michigan. All with the same results. May I as kif the New York server you mentioned is a standard shared ip or a streaming ip too? I get 100/40 from my ISP, so my speeds isnt the limiting factor here. Maybe I have to ask TG support to try out all available streaming ip locations and find one that will give me a fast and stable connection.... I have spoken to the support team about my problem. Might I ask you what IP range you are in when you stream from the US? Maybe send it in a PM so it wont exposed here? This might help support to help me. Kind regards and thanks in advance
  12. balexter

    two vpn tunnels to increase speed?

    Hello LNK, thank you for your thoughts on this toppic! May I point out that your argument is flawed? What you describe with the twice as many letters analogy, does in fact supports my idea. Twice as many letters are not any faster (you are right here), but fastness is the equivalent of latency (response time, ping). With twice as many letters you would be able to send twice as many information! Thus doubling bandwidth! I think the misunderstanding comes from casually calling latency and bandwidth "speed". In my thinking, sending twice as many letters will indeed improve the throughput of data. And I think I have heard from tech that exists to achieve that (split tunneling, tunnel bonding). And I cant accept that in the year 2018 I am unable to stream quick and fast from USA to central Europe. Somehow it must be doable. :-)
  13. Hello folks at TG, my situation: I am using TG with a residential ip in the usa to stream content to central europe (germany in this case). I set this up on a router so my tv / fire stick/ other devises can access the content. While speeds are okish (5 - 10 MBit) they could be a lot better. Latency isnt overwhelming (150-250) but ok to stream. Sometimes the connection is bad and there is a lot of buffering. I tinkered with settings, tried other vpn providers etc etc. Intercontinental speed wont get any better (Im getting 100/40 by ISP so this is not the limiting factor). I assume that simply internetspeed between continents is this slow. my idea: establish 2 vpn tunnels at the same time, from the same ip (router) to the same destination (residential ip), merge the traffic, thus doubling the speed. Question: Is this doable? If so, HOW? The perfect solution would be to have the 2 tunnels established via router, so every device connecting to the router would have double bandwidth. Any other ideas how I could increase internetspeed from usa to europe? Many thanks for answers, input and thoughts!! regards
  14. Hi all, devs, admins and TG users! I have a question regarding your TG / other VPNs experience when it comes to intercontinental speed. The situation: I stream a lot from USA to central europe (Germany in my case). I found the speed i get from TG standard servers (streaming ip) and other VPN providers quite underwhelming! Mostly I get around 5-8 Mbit. I even subscribed to TG residential IP 10 GBit. It did improve the speed to 12MBit at the max, but sometime I still get around 3-5Mbit. The question(s): What speed do you get intercontinental (USA to central europe in the best case)? Do you know of ways (including other providers) how I can have a faster streaming connection across the pond? Unblocking geo-restriction to access netflix usa is a must! If if helps: I am using an ASUS ac88u with merlin with standard settings to access the usa server. Thank you for any answer/help :-) regards...
  15. balexter

    No update notification..

    I second that! Made feature requests with the same issues...