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  1. uNc

    SlingTV from California IP

    I use Oakland residential IP on a Macbook and an Asus router with Merlin f/w and have no issues with Sling tv, PS-vue, Netflix, etc. I use a VPN Client called Shimo to connect to TG on the mac but have not tried Sling using the TG desktop app.
  2. uNc

    openvpn ASUS RT-AC88U

    You need to flash AC88U with Merlin firmware and use "policy rules" and "Client routing" to direct all your devices to either WAN interface (no VPN) or thru the VPN. This is accomplished only with Merlin as stock Asus firmware does not offer this capability. Also you can select "Block routed clients if tunnel goes down" on the VPN Client settings page to eliminate IP address showing. Regards,
  3. yes, I think you can accomplish this by utilizing selective policy routing. I use Asus routers with Merlin FW that allow for policy routing based on IP address. Just route your LAN IP address's to vpn or WAN connection as required.
  4. You may want to consider upgrading your router to a model that has an 1800 MHz processor. Your current router has a 600 MHz cpu which is woefully underpowered to manage OpenVPN.
  5. Oh, okay. I am in Thailand, so no direct connection to the cogent backbone. I do achieve >100Mbps on many US servers with OpenVPN, just not on this Cogent IP which can now reach <50Mbps but not consitently. I like the feature set with these residential IP's for streaming US content. I like the OpenVPN performance of the AC86U router and look forward to the new AX-88U router which is launching 3rd quarter from Asus. What Merlin FW version are you using...384.5?
  6. Seems you are getting good speeds from your UK location...!
  7. How did you configure IPSec....as a PPTP/LT2P vpn client on the router?
  8. What is your ISP speed package?
  9. Depending on your geographical location these TG dedicated streaming IP's may sustain decent speeds (>25Mbps) suitable for HD streaming. However, in my case I am located in SE Asia and the connection to this 10Gbs Oakland dedicated IP server is abysmal ...less than 20Mbps in contrast to speeds with ExpressVPN achieving >100Mbps to west coast servers in CA. TG tried telling me that my router (Asus RT-AC86U) was not powerful enough to manage the cipher encryption which is rubbish as I regularly achieve 200Mbps with this router on OpenVPN servers at ExpressVPN and other VPN services. I requested a change to the Dallas IP from this SLOW Oakland IP but TG has ignored this request thus far. Try it for a month, test it out before committing.
  10. Interesting....sounds a bit like an ongoing TG scam here. I will demand a change to one of these Dallas servers and refuse to pay the change fee. Pathetic circumstances.
  11. Just switched to one of these residential IP Oakland add-ons...TG describes it as this: "Residential IP Oakland - CA (Cogent) 10Gbps - $7.99USD MonthlyGet a fresh IP that looks like your connecting from home, very fast, good for streaming and general usage" Anyone used this dedicated IP and if so, what speeds are you getting? It is for me perhaps the slowest TG server I have used! Terribly slow and inefficient! And it is NO GOOD for streaming...unless you like 240p or 360p! Pay extra for a "very fast" IP and get shafted....Unbelievable.
  12. uNc


    Well yes, I find the Torguard vpn speeds are good when they are good but they seem to fluctuate from day to day. Yesterday I was getting speeds over 200Mbps on TG Hong Kong server, today barely hitting 20Mbps on the same server. My other vpn service achieves consistent speeds 24/7. So, TG vpn speeds are woefully inconsistent from my experience. I test on wifi with macbook using a vpn client. The TG app is no different....quick speeds one day, slow the next.
  13. uNc


    Irrespective of your ISP speed package, your router can sustain maximun 200Mbps download while deciphering OpenVPN ciphers. Your router is the culprit, not Torguad. Please confirm your router or device CPU hardware, that will tell the story.
  14. uNc

    Outdated OpenVPN Config Generator

    Thanks, sounds good to me. Regards,
  15. Hello, The responsible Torgurd personnel should update the config generator and remove obsolete entries / locations that are not functional or are broken and do not work. No excuse for this. Also, why are the server names only short abreviations (after downloaded) and not the full name of the server, which makes it difficult to know what server you are working with. Small things like this are easy to resolve. Regards,