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    Torguard client unreliable

    Hi I've been experiencing freezing issues with the new and latest tor client eg release July 28 2017, you can't disconnect and so you have to exit the client which then means you mess up your connection other symptoms are the task bar freezes, has anybody else had this type of behaviour because I experienced previously and the symptoms are the same as the user from this forum posting, it's the same type of behaviour and I'm using a fresh installation of windows 10 without any third party non windows software installed so if anybody experiences anything else like this it would help because I don't know if it's some problem unique to me or if it is a glitch in the client, thanks https://torguard.net/forums/index.php?/topic/994-tor-client-freeze-loss-of-internet-until-restart/?hl=freezing&do=findComment&comment=4557
  2. User22811

    TorGuard Client v0.3.70

    Has anybody else had an issue of it not disconnecting when clicking the disconnect button where it just does nothing so that you have to exit the client to close it down. I have noticed this behaviour in the past on other builds and I always use very clean fresh windows 10 installation with no potential software conflicts. The only third party software installed is Nivdia drivers for the GTX 980 Ti so if anybody has any similar issues then please share here or contact support as I'm trying to find out if it's a reproducible issue or just a problem with my system alone
  3. User22811

    TorGuard Client v0.3.69

    Has anybody else been having an issue whereby the client just hangs when you click disconnect and it does nothing so that you have to exit the program before you can get it to disconnect? Please either post here or let customer service know as I'm trying to find out if this is just something that's effecting me or if it's a general issue Thanks PLEASE IGNORE THE ABOVE POST AS MY PROBLEM IS WITH THE LATEST VERSION AS OF 28 JULY 2017, APOLOGIES
  4. Has any other user experienced client v0.3.70 issues with it not disconnecting properly so that when you click on disconnect it just hangs? If you have experienced similar issues please post here or contact torguard customer support as they would like to know if this is a general problem or just something unique to my own system configuration Thanks