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  1. Hi, I've been losing www.match.com accounts randomly every time TorGuard just so happens to connect to an IP that the site had banned. It sometimes gives me an IP that isn't banned, but, when it gives me one that is, I must lost the match.com account, and must recreate one, etc., which I currently have to do about once a week. How do I minimize the chance of getting an IP that isn't banned? Besides a dedicated IP, of course, as it's wasted after getting banned. Which server is less likely to have been used much? I don't see an option to just connect me to a Random server. These are my current settings: Server: United States, New York Tunnel Type: OpenVPN Protocol: TCP Port / Auth: 389 (SHA512) Cipher: AES-128-GCM STunnel: disabled I also considered switching VPNs to one other than TorGuard, but I have no idea which one is likely to be most successful using match.com.