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  1. hi. I"m a premium network subscriber. I am not in central europe but have you thought about the possibility of the grade of cipher that you may be using that may/could contribute to a slower speeds that your getting. Also, who else is using that same premium network that you're on? Is it being shared? Also, what times of the day are you accessing the Net using that premium network. During the busy times of the day such as early evening where there may be more traffic or during the early morning or late at night where there may be less traffic overall? Also, be aware that speed tests from various sources are not always accurate to what you feel or know you should be getting. Have you thought about using a speed tester from more than one location and from different online speed testing sites? There will be differences. sorry, but that's all that I could think of regarding your issue.
  2. Hello. I would like to inquire if the devs for Torguard would consider as an inclusion into future clients (for both laptops/desktops and Android) combining combine Torguard VPN with the Onion network, please. This would certainly maximize online security and privacy. The downside might be a slower browsing experience but for those privacy and security conscious, I don't believe it would hurt. I am not talking about using the Tor Browser along with the VPN (though that is one's option), but including the onion network into the client/widget.