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  1. Yes but didnt get anywhere however after extensive troubleshooting, this is a digital signature issue with ver 1809 of Windows 10, I went back to 1803 and its OK
  2. I am trying to install the latest torguard client for windows Windows 1064 Bit Versioon 1809 Steps attempted to fix: Run as admin Installed seperately via open VPN Turned Digital signature off for Windows 10 ( As googled and many ppl have issues with Windows 10 and TAP Driver, people with express VPN also had it but they released a new version which fixed it but their normal workaround was to go older version )
  3. Khozema

    Amazon Video with dedicated IP not available

    Is this working now.? Netflix and Amazon
  4. Khozema

    Torguard for iPad

    I had - removed but torguard app simply opens and closes
  5. Khozema

    Torguard for iPad

    I downloaded the iPhone app via appstore but it shuts down on ipad as soon as I open it, the app itself doesnt show on the ipad side