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  1. I would like to vote for more Canada Locations to be added, Like Calgary or Kamloops or something.
  2. I have also experienced the exact same problem, sometimes it stays connected - sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't stay connected like you say it says "reconnecting" but it stays like that forever until you hit disconnect and then reconnect "manually" then it is good again for awhile, but all in all it is very unreliable. I find that if the VPN connection is unable to stay connected then it in insecure and unreliable. I am using Samsung Galaxy S5.
  3. I have also "just" started experiencing this same similar issues, Some Canadian VPN servers/ip's are making google think i am in Brazil or other areas all of a sudden which did not happen before i tried deleting everything in chrome 5 times did a complete wipe even used ccleaner to wipe it and nothing fixed it so i just changed servers i don't mind it was happening using the android app on my phone too and also my desktop both. Settings i was using were > version 3.88.0 Protocol > STEALTH UDP AES-256-GCM HMAC-SHA256 TLS 1.2 I was using VPN DNS option then changed to Torguard USA DNS Recently. Like i say i spent a couple hours tinkering and realized it was not a problem on my end so gave up and just changed servers/ip's and it was fine i did not fight with it too much. Soon as i turn the VPN off google instantly thinks i am back at my Original/Normal location as it is supposed to.
  4. Hey I also had that same problem, i agree it was more of a nuisance than a problem you basically just have to be patient and wait for it to unfreeze. I format my computer every month so as soon as i noticed the problem i formatted and have not noticed it again. I was also using windows 10 64bit Redstone 1. I would be connected to Torguard via the windows client everything would be working fine/smooth and then i would disconnect from the VPN server and the taskbar would become unresponsive for around 1 minute then the message would appear saying successfully disconnected and poof everything was back to normal.