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  1. Allknowingeye

    SlingTV from California IP

    I tried that one on the address they gave me, and it said the below, maybe this is the real reason Sling is blocking (HULU is ok though). Fraud Score 65 - Suspicious Fraud Scores are enhanced by passing additional details through our API and CSV batch checks. Mail SPAM Block List No SPAM Reports Found Proxy/VPN Detection Proxy/VPN Detected This IP address appears to be a proxy connection. City San Diego Region California
  2. Allknowingeye

    SlingTV from California IP

    Interesting. Maybe I should switch. I choose California because the teams I want to see on Hulu Live are there. And Hulu live does work there. But I would rather not have to deal with extra baloney.
  3. Allknowingeye

    SlingTV from California IP

    Today it says Houston, Texas, Washington, D.C. and Oakland California. Tracert shows the correct location is Oakland, California.
  4. Allknowingeye

    SlingTV from California IP

    Agree completely with that. I do see it affecting apps like CBS News, Fox News as well on the Apple Tv, suspect they are getting confused as to the local. The company should be submitting those IP spaces so the geolocation is locked down, after all that is the whole point of the service. Without a reliable geolocation it is usefulness is significantly compromised.
  5. Allknowingeye

    SlingTV from California IP

    It is all clear on the Torguard what's my ip page. Sling seems to be looking at something new that only affects Windows.
  6. Allknowingeye

    SlingTV from California IP

    I tried setting the browser geolocation services off (4 different browsers). I cleared all windows account location data and disabled WIndows location services, and set a Windows default location in the U.S. So I am mystified, Sling logon from Windows worked two day ago but I guess they made a change. I have tried every setting I know on the wan/vpn side to suppress location data and prevent leaking. It's not the end of the world but it is curious and I would kinda like to have a better idea how they are detecting this.
  7. Allknowingeye

    SlingTV from California IP

    Did a little more checking, looks like only affects Windows Devices. IOS devices were not blocked. I assume Window is leaking something. I have disabled IP6 on the network adapter and coded Chrome to a fixed location in the U.S. Any other ideas on getting Windows to stop leaking geolocation?
  8. I just noticed today that trying open to Sling.com in a web browser from a California Streaming IP gets a notice that you must be in the US. Am I the only one seeing this. Not having an issue with anything else.
  9. Let me say upfront the vpn service is working and I am not reporting it is down in any way. What I am wondering about is some weird geolocation issues that have no explanation. Whether I use a router based client for permanent connection or a software based client on Windows this issues still occur. And they only seem to start in the last month or so. I. If I connect to speedtest.net and let it select the best server I am always presented with a list of test servers in NE France which is really strange. 2. When using Youtube it is clear it thinks I am India and presents default videos from that country, also bizarre. If I use https://torguard.net/whats-my-ip.php the locations are always in the US whether on the router openvpn client or a window pc based client which is good. These issues are annoyances only but it makes me wonder how reliable the geolocation actually is? Is there something to configure to prevent this issue?
  10. Allknowingeye

    OpenVpn Speed Lagging

    Actually I am using ASUS Merlin.
  11. Allknowingeye

    OpenVpn Speed Lagging

    I did some Speedtest readings as well: With L2TP VPN on to the San Fran Data Center with Upcloud to Comcast San Franciso the readings were 17.26 down 2.64 up. With Openvpn VPN on to the San Fran Data Center with Upcloud to Comcast San Francisco the readings were 3.06 up 1.19 down. With Openvpn VPN on to the Michigan Data Center with MNS to Comcast Detroit the readings were 3.31 down 1.26 up.W With no vpn at all, the readings were 25.06 down 2.68 up - which is the raw speed of the adsl circuit. So it does not seem to be a data center issue. Seems to point to a router performance or Openvpn config issue.
  12. Allknowingeye

    OpenVpn Speed Lagging

    San Francisco.
  13. Allknowingeye

    OpenVpn Speed Lagging

    I have an ASUS RT-AC68U Router. I have experienced lagging speed when using OpenVpn so I did a controlled test. Streaming from Static IP from AMAZON Prime Video with a 4K Source. With the VPN Protocol set to OpenVpn the streaming is unable to achieve anything better than about 4-5mbs, and the stream only gets to HD service. With the VPN Protocol set to L2TP the streaming easily gets to 24mbs which is the limit of my adsl service and the video streams in UltraHD 4k HDR. This router has a dual core 1ghz processor: On OpenVpn while stearming Prime Video core 1 averages about 75-80% usage, core 1 averages about 10%. On L2TP while streaming Prime Video core 1 and core 2 both average 10%. It seems the OpenVpn process is single threaded and does not benefit from multiple cores. I tried this in two different data centers and the results were pretty much the same. So my questions are: 1. Are there some settings I can change in OpenVpn to reduce CPU usage on the router? 2. Is the reason for the slow performance the speed of the router's CPU or is this a data center limitation? 3. If I upgraded to an ASUS RT-AC86U with a dual core 1.8 GHZ processor should I expect much better performance on Openvpn. 4. The reason I am even thinking of switching from L2TP to OpenVpn is I want to load Merlin so I can control routing of devices to either VPN or Wan with a single router. So what do we think?
  14. Allknowingeye

    Dedicated Ip's

    I understand the static dedicated ip's are based in Michigan or California. Does anyone know which city in California?
  15. Allknowingeye

    Static IP Location.

    Up until very recently my static Ip Address was located in Monroe, Michigan. I noticed this week it has relocated to Valley Cottage in New York State. Is that expected? Not complaining mind you, I would rather have there anyways. Will it be staying there?