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  1. I never tried emailing TorGuard directly, so I can't comment on the speed. However, using the ticket system, I normally get a response within a few hours or less. You're always welcomed here if you ever change your mind, support is great, I have subscribed for another full year of TorGuard services due to their amazing customer service and servers. Here is a screenshot of a recent ticket of mine (I received help at 12am in the morning, wow):
  2. Find the SOCKS5 proxy servers here.
  3. Odd, try using the port forward config from the dashboard: https://torguard.net/clientarea.php
  4. Try opening a ticket: https://torguard.net/submitticket.php
  5. Hello Griffon - welcome to the forums! You only need to have one line per server, add the TCP/UDP ports one by one to the "Request Ports" box, then match the "On VPN Server" section to the TorGuard VPN client (or .ovpn config) settings that you use to connect. It is not possible to add multiple entries for the same server ip. As for "the port goes stealth", I don't understand what you mean.
  6. TorGuard

    TAP-Windows adapters in use?

    Hello plok, welcome to the forums. If you are having issues using TorGuard, please open up a ticket with support: https://torguard.net/submitticket.php
  7. TorGuard

    Extremely slow to ASSIGN_IP

    Sounds like it's an issue with a third-party security suite or DNS servers. Open a ticket with support: https://torguard.net/submitticket.php
  8. TorGuard

    How to configure uTorrent on Windows

    Hello TheBurnedMan95 — Great question! If you only want to protect your torrent traffic, using just a proxy is good enough. You will achieve higher transfer speeds than a VPN, or both VPN + Proxy; due to proxy offering lower level of encryption. However, if you don't mind having slightly lower speeds, it will make you more secure if you were to use TorGuards VPN + Proxy service together. The added benefit of using TorGuard's VPN client is that it offers advanced leak protection and it will encrypt all your programs traffic. Also, using TorGuard's VPN alone will be good enough to privatize your traffic; though if you lose connection to the VPN, your real IP can be leaked if you lose connection for some reason, so it is vital that you implement a firewall killswitch, otherwise you will be exposed. There is a way you can bind uTorrent to an IP which will essentially act as a killswitch, under the advanced settings there is a "net.bind_ip" & "net_outgoing_ip", you set it to match your internal VPN IP that you get assigned from the TorGuard client, this should ultimately make uTorrent leak proof whilst using VPN. There is also a built in killswitch inside of the TorGuard client that disables your internet interface upon disconnection, however a firewall is best since it can close connections instantly.
  9. I see the Ukraine configs for the Windows Client in appdata, however I noticed it doesn't show up in the OpenVPN Config Generator or any of the config archives from the download page; staff likely already have it on their todo list to add. All you need to do is switch the remote hostname out with: ukr.torguardvpnaccess.com - either from the generator or another config.
  10. TorGuard

    You are not anonymous

    I'd consider every application vulnerable on your phone, unless you have the source code to be able to determine what it does. Far as I am aware, webrtc is mostly only supported in browsers and some streaming platforms, but that doesn't mean no applications will use it. You can try messing with the flags and disable webrtc with "chrome://flags", however I was unable to stop leaks while testing. If you want to stop the webrtc leaks, I recommend using Firefox. There is a good application called "Orbot", it was made by Tor Project; if you want to give that a go: https://www.torproject.org/docs/android.html
  11. TorGuard

    You are not anonymous

    Hi Simon, From a quick search, it doesn't seem to be possible to disable webrtc in Chrome on Android, however you can use Firefox and disable webrtc by going to: about:config — then set the following setting: media.peerconnection.enabled to false.
  12. For me, the interface is Ethernet 2. You can check which interface it is for the VPN by looking at the Network Connections.
  13. TorGuard

    I can't get past error message; Please help!

    Hello Tessmade, welcome to the forums. Possible reasons for why you are receiving that error: Firewall is blocking traffic to the VPN server. VPN settings are not setup correctly. Wrong pre-shared key (It is: torguard) Just tested L2TP on Windows 10, it works with the following configuration: Possible solution (found here): Open up the VPN connection properties (or advanced options). Click the security tab. Ensure "Microsoft CHAP Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2)" is checked (it was enabled for me by default). Guide for: How to Setup L2TP VPN on Windows 10
  14. TorGuard

    Current server issues?

    Hello Imano53, I haven't had any speed related issues with TorGuard lately. It's possible one or more of TorGuard's servers are congested (unlikely, if none of the servers work properly), in-order for others to determine where the problem might be, we'll need more information about your setup: Which servers are you connecting to? Which cipher and protocol are you using? Which DNS servers are you using? Operating system? Do you have any third-party security software installed (Kaspersky, Comodo etc)? Do you connect to the internet over wireless or wired? Type of network you are connected to (router/modem etc)? Internet Provider?
  15. Hello igna, welcome to the forums. Using a software or hardware firewall is usually the best way to go for locking down your network. The firewall will instantly close all connections when the VPN disconnects, while the TorGuard killswitch only disables your network interface(s). Layering your OS with software that does the same thing will not add security, it will likely make it less secure. If you just need a killswitch, Windows Firewall will do the job fine, as long as you monitor and maintain it. qBittorrent has the ability to bind it's self to a network interface and or IP address, essentially acting as a killswitch. You can use both, to harden your setup further. Inbound rules are only for if the device in question is acting as a server, and has other remote devices connecting to it. In your case, you will have to create or enable rules to allow connections to come through to your server (RDP etc). Yes, note, if you set RDP and Plex to the private profile, it will allow connections even while you are disconnected from the VPN; if you are connecting through TorGuard's dedicated IP, then you will want to only set the profile to public. If you are connecting to Plex from over the internet and not from your local network, I would use VPN. Well, by default, if you followed this guide, all your programs should only use your VPN connection as long as they were not previously assigned the Domain/Private profile. You can create a rule setting the local and remote ip addresses under "Scope". Yep, you want all the TorGuard executables to be able to connect on all Profiles (Private/Domain/Public).