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    Can I setup dedicated IP on Ubiquiti Edge X

    Hello, Yes, i believe you can, instructions are fairly straight forward - if you need help with that submit a ticket here https://torguard.net/submitticket.php For speed is impossible for us to predict it depends on many variables. Regards
  2. Have you guys tried switching to tunnel type openconnect? some users report changing the tunnel type helped with any issues regarding Microsoft software/services. Regards
  3. Support

    Stupid captcha

    Hello, Apologies for the captcha at the moment, being the most effective at blocking brute force attempts is why we have it in place currently, we are looking at different solutions. Regards
  4. Hello, The HP MicroServer N40L doesn't look like it was built for speed, it's quite an old system, it doesn't support AES-NI which it would have hugely benefited from, the vast difference between your PC CPU and your server CPU tells me the issue is certainly your CPU, i don't think the Celeron J1800 would do you much better, something that supports AES-NI is what you need. Regards
  5. Absolutely - is this the desktop client or the Android/iOS apps you're referring to? We have this as a priority just now but i can tell you when to expect it roughly by looking at our roadmap.] Regards
  6. Support

    WireGuard + Adblock DNS

    You should be able to set the DNS on the client side part yes
  7. Support

    italy server not work

    I would suggest you open a support ticket here https://torguard.net/submitticket.php and explain your problem. Thanks
  8. Support

    Android TV (MiBox) problems

    I believe the youtube app may hardcode there DNS - do you have any services located under settings > additional settings > privacy > location - make sure no google services that use GPS are enabled. Regards
  9. Support

    Fastest speeds for streaming

    Hi Chuck We do provide an OpenVPN port that has no data encryption which pretty much just masks your IP, I can't say this will give you the speeds you want though as this depends on many other variables. Regards
  10. If you are using shared IP's then it is very likely the IP could have been abused by users in the past, unfortunately, it could also be to do with how you use the account - we would recommend you access such accounts with a fresh dedicated or residential based IP. Regards
  11. Support

    Can't connect - ifconfig inet6 failure

    Hi - can you share your solution? Thanks
  12. Hi, did you also have a support ticket open on the main desk? if so please check the instructions received within that ticket. Regards
  13. Support

    android version not connect for me

    Hi, Please try using different ports switching between TCP and UDP, if that fails, enable stealth proxy under Settings and recheck to see if that connects. Regards
  14. Hi - are you trying to access devices behind the VPN remotely?
  15. Hello, I'm sorry to hear that, from our support page you can email our support desk through email helpdesk{at}torguard.net if you have no account or access to one - you can also open a ticket by emailing support{at}torguard.net from the email you have registered on your torguard account and this will open a support ticket for you. If you still need help, please PM me with your email address and i will get that sorted for you with proper account verification of course. Regards
  16. Support

    Deluge not downloading through split tunnel - setup or IP problem?

    Sorry for the delay, can you provide more details on your split-tunnel setup? thanks
  17. Support

    Very slow download speed

    Does this only happen through Cogent or with all locations/providers we offer? It could also very well be your ISP throttling specific ports, we could try setting up an SSH tunnel and configure it in your torrent client or through the TG Client to test this. Regards
  18. Support

    Very slow download speed

    I'm not seeing any issues with these locations, no one else seems to be complaining about issues here, all speed tests check out, try rebooting your modem/PC and retest. Regards
  19. Support

    Very slow download speed

    Hello, We have no reported issues on any location just now, sometimes it can be between your ISP and the network your connecting to, these things will always happen from time to time on huge complex networks Regards
  20. Hello, As per your ticket reply by Andy: is a privacy-centric resolver so it does not send any client IP information and does not send the EDNS Client Subnet Header to authoritative servers." Regards
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    I haven't personally tested the ASUS 86U but the ROG is a quad-core, to the dual-core 86U, the quad-core will split the load between the 4 cores opposed to the 2 on the 86U., of course, OpenVPN is not threaded but the ROS CPU is less taxed by standard services. Regards
  22. Support

    Cannot open TUN error

    It sounds more like a permissions issue, I would suggest trying to stop it and clear its cache, uninstall reboot and then try a reinstall. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage installed applications Select the torguard app Select Force stop, then Clear cache Uninstall Reboot and reinstall. Regards
  23. Support


    If you can afford it and want the best possible performance from any commercial router we have tested I would suggest the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 or the standard AC5300 Regards
  24. Support

    Very slow download speed

    We certainly do not throttle so you can rule out that - Kaspersky is known to cause some major slowdowns with various VPN's, just disabling its features has no effect on this, you need to uninstall it, reboot, then retest the VPN, can you do that and let me know if that solves your speed problem? Can you let us know the location or IP you often connect with? and have you tried the standard debugging of rebooting Pc's /modems or routers, often when these run for a long time they can start acting up - it would also be worthwhile trying another device or on another network if you can to try to isolate your problem. Regards
  25. Hello, OpenDNS does keep logs of the sites you visit, we don't so i would recommend you use TG public DNS or endpoint DNS if you can. In regards to captcha's on our own IP's, we can't exactly whitelist any Vpn IP's of which thousands of users will be using, if we whitelist them then we effectively let potential hackers do as they please on the site, brute force, dos etc unchecked. We also have to protect ourselves... Regards