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  1. Are you still seeing these speeds to this location? What locations do you connect to? Regards
  2. Hi Nicholas That's an odd one i haven't heard of this happening before - by chance can you switch tunneltype to OpenConnect and retest this? Regards
  3. Support

    Blocked Netflix USA access

    Hi ViiJay Is this problem now resolved fro you?
  4. What version of OpenVPN are you running there?
  5. Support

    italy server not work

    Hello, did you manage to solve this problem? Regards
  6. Hi Rush You need to add the following config line to your OpenVPN config to prevent cipher negotiation: ncp-disable It should then use the cipher you specify Regards
  7. Hi guys, are you still seeing such issues?
  8. Support

    IKEv2 VPN disconnects after a few minutes

    Hey, We know MAC OS had a bug, a similar bug and this just appeared recently. We are looking into it. Regards
  9. Release torguard-v3.91.0, 2018-11-19 ==================================== * All platforms: default Cipher set to "AES-128-GCM" The default cipher is the cipher shown in the combo box after the installation or when the user resets the settings. Otherwise the last used cipher will be shown. * All platforms: Error number in case of OpenConnect "Unknown error" In case OpenConnect crashes with "Unknown error", we show the error number in the popup dialogue. * All platforms: Refresh DNS Cache button The user can now refresh the DNS cache manually, from the new button placed in the Settings window, in the Network tab. * All platforms: Automatically clean the cache when new config is downloaded. If a new config is downloaded, the cache is automatically cleaned. * All platform: removed obsolete option "Standard Seamless Reconnect" The new Seamless Reconnect option, introduced in v0.3.78, is ready to take the place of the standard one. From this version, the users can now choose - Seamless reconnect disabled - Seamless reconnect enabled, behaviour like the "new" selection in previous versions (recommended) * All platforms: look up hostname before connecting If the user trusts his current system DNS, he can choose to look up the server hostname before connecting. This option will update the current server in the DNS cache before connecting. This behaviour is similar to the old option "Server IP lookup = Use DNS Query" * All platforms: remove "Server IP lookup" option This option became obsolete with the introduction of the DNS cache (improved in this version). * All platforms: keep 5 logs in memory (if "Log to File" option is selected) In Settings -> Debug, the user can select the option "Log to File". With that option, a log file is created. The log file could be asked by our staff in order to improve TorGuard and find bugs. A new file is created at each restart. With this patch, we keep up to 5 logs in memory, in order not to overwrite the last log after the restart. * All platforms: "Show debugging log" button on error popup In case of error, if the option "Log to File" is set, a button "Show debugging log" will be available in the error popup. In case the popup is closed, the log will still be available clicking on "Setting -> Debug -> Show debug" * MacOSX: more log added Some users using Mojave are experiencing bugs. In order to find out and fix them, the additional log is added. Downloads
  10. Support

    IKEv2 VPN disconnects after a few minutes

    Hi Gilby Does it happen when using OpenVPN or any other protocol? do you have a firewall enabled on your modem by chance? it might be worth disabling just for testing. Regards
  11. Support

    premium network server missing

    We do apologise the time to add these,, rest assured we haven't forgotten, the time for service delivery within cogent is minimum 6 to 8 weeks right now while it passes through there internal processing and through different departments. Regards
  12. Support

    Setup Guide

    We are implementing a new support page shortly, its currently being set up Regards
  13. Support

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Checking with our devs this out, it should be already. Will check this too Marco - thanks again
  14. Hi Myles Your torrent client should start downloading without port forwarding, port forwarding will help with speed but won't prevent you from downloading, some trackers do block some IP ranges owned by popular DC's, or some private sites require you to register an IP address you will use to download, have you tried different VPN locations or different OpenVPN connection ports? or maybe try another torrent site to see if its specific to these torrents? In regards to chromecast, the chromecast and the device your looking to cast to both need to be within the same network for this to work, if you connect to the vpn it will be in a different network to the device you want to cast to, the way around that is to connect the vpn to a vpn capable router. Regards
  15. Support

    TorGuard Client v3.90.0

    Rest assured it is coming in our next build. Regards