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  1. Yes that's fine with me. How can we arrange for this? By the way, this is my connection setup: New Jersey / UDP / AES-128-CBC | SHA1 PreventRTC & Prevent iP6 Leaks turned ON (although I run iP4) Block outside DNS clicked ON Direct connection (no proxy) and I have uTorrent.Exe as the only App Kill
  2. PantenePro - exactly what is happening to me. Tech Support, any ideas? I'm not about to reformat my PC....
  3. I am running the latest VPN (3.61) with Windows 10 x64. I have noticed when I stop (quit) TorGuard VPN, my Windows 10 sort of freezes for at least 60 seconds to 90 seconds. But when I get the "Successfully Disconnected" message the 2nd TIME, everything goes back to normal. What I mean that "sort of freezes" is that when I try to switch to other programs (running) by clicking on the Taskbar, I cannot choose any of them. However, it I use the Windows + Tab key, I can successfully switch to any of them, and they are running just fine. I did not notice that if I switch between each program, and close it, it still remains visible on the task bar. Once again, as soon as "Successfully Disconnected" message appears the 2nd TIME, everything updates on the taskbar. Anyone experience this issue? It's more of a nuisance than a big problem but still I don't remember happening until a few months ago.