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  1. HI Support Staff - Following up on this, one last time. What's going on with command-line support, on Windows (Win10, at this point)? Will it be added as a feature? I'm hoping for a definitive answer. Thanks --Andy
  2. Hi - I'm following up on the command-line support. I installed 0.3.71, and read through the release notes at https://torguard.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1214-torguard-client-v0371/ but don't see anything about command-line. Is this still on the roadmap? Thanks --Andy
  3. Great news, thanks! I'll watch out for it.
  4. Hi - Any update on the command line interface, for Windows users especially? Thanks --Andy
  5. This is great news! I'd sort of lost hope, now I'm happy again
  6. How can I connect to a specific city (say, Seattle) via command-line or script? The Windows client is great, but I'd like to be able to fire up torguard and connect to (or disconnect from) the vpn via script. Using Windows 7. Batch script, powershell, even perl or other languages would be fine. I don't need full working code - but was surprised not to find examples via my searches. I have the "Anonymous VPN" service, if that matters - I see openvpn.exe, ss-local.exe, TorGuardDesktopQt.exe and TorGuardWindowsUtilities.exe in my installation directory. Many thanks for any help!