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  1. AnonMan

    Selecting Fastest Server

    While I agree on all points, this is a hard feature to implement and to implement correctly. Most other VPN services will choose five servers across the world and then narrow it down to one or two to pick your best server; they'll usually choose their fastest servers. It's just a simple algorithm to determine where the user is. Some others will have it so you can do a ping test across all the servers (I find it'll generally freeze up since it's pinging 30+ servers at the same time). This feature is really nice to have, but it is difficult to implement correctly. I still want the speed and flexibility of the current client, and don't want to lose on security or speed we currently have to get this.
  2. AnonMan

    Wirecutter Review

    Best VPN service Torguard is listed. I completely agree with their assessment. Yes the user interface is a little clunky, but it's about the speed of the servers. I'd also say a lot of us are power users, but a lot of what you can do with Torguard is just as easy as selecting a server. They have some valid concerns, and I hope that Torguard does address them.
  3. Personally I find that OpenConnect uses less of an overhead than OpenVPN, but Support can correct me if I'm wrong here. Use the server that is closest to you is what I recommend.
  4. AnonMan

    Torguard Killswitch Slow Got Copyright Strike?

    The killswitch works for me, but if you need, you can execute a script or kill specific programs with Torguard.
  5. AnonMan

    Changing pc's

    Just install the torguard client again and login. It should be that simple. If you need gigabit speeds though, look in the addons in your profile and add it if you need to.
  6. AnonMan

    Selecting Fastest Server

    To be frank, all I would want the client to have is what other providers call a smart detection method. I use other providers and it's great to just click connect to the closest detected server.
  7. AnonMan

    Denmark Server -- Excellent

    I have used multiple configurations on my devices including STunnel. They all have a very great ping 5ms to 15ms no matter the internet service provider I'm using here. The provider you guys use here must be very good.
  8. I didn't want to make a ticket out for this, but I just wanted to give feedback that the Denmark server is extremely good. I travel quite a bit and I use a bunch of VPN services because I live in hotels on public wifi. The Denmark server is well located as everywhere I go in Denmark shows very fast pings. Most of the other servers are about on par with the competition, but this location surprised me.
  9. AnonMan

    Application only VPN

    Couldn't you just install the Chrome Extension and view US only content that way?
  10. AnonMan

    TG Client Interface

    I like how it's fast and efficient. Only thing I'd want is either a recommended server tab that shows closest servers by ping. I travel so much for work that it's nice to see the closest server. Also load information would help too. I really like the speed of the client though compared to other providers that I use.