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  1. Dear Support, I submitted a ticket before regarding setting up Torguard in any compatible router using Stealth port. I was told by the tech this is only supported on DD-WRT firmware versions r24xx to r29xx. (Don’t know why) I read through the official documentations about the related instructions, none of which mentioned enabling stealth feature. In the OpenVPN configuration generator tool, stealth port is not an option. Also, as far as I know the stealth feature uses direct IP of the server rather than the domain name. What is Torguard's plan and progress about this issue? Will Torguard develop or update the instruction document for the clients, which is easy to read and operate. By the way, I am currently in China and has been happy with Torguard for the price and the product. It is not urgent; I just want to know how I can make Torguard more effective and efficient. Thank you for your support and attention.
  2. Thank you for the update from the official. The information helps however this anyconnect servers information is not easy to find; ins tead, the link under SERVERS - VPN HOSTNAMES is surely out of date. Here is the link https://torguard.net/tgconf.php?action=vpn-servers.
  3. Thanks for your information. I agree and I am currently looking for new VPN service providers that target Chinese market, because the situation became worse. There are too much information and ads of these providers on the internet. I have to download and test the trial version one by one.
  4. In the past month (July 2018) and most recent days, Torguard users living in China like me have been experiencing difficulties connecting most VPN servers and stability problem even connected, acrossing the all platforms. I contacted the customer support and got some support and run several tests based on their suggestions. It worked for a while but failed recently. I am not a savvy of internet and computer science; my guess is this is highly probably due to the upgrade of GFW. So I am looking for the temporary solutions from other users in China and maybe the long-term solution from the tech at Torguard here. Meanwhile, I can share my successful connection settings here so that if you happen visit this thread and can find some solutions. On 7/24/2018 UTC+8, I am not able to connect most servers (I did not try all servers) without using Proxy servers on Windows; no luck on Android app; slow connection using Anyconnect app on IOS. The fast connection I can get is through "Los Angeles(Asia Optimized), TCP, Proxy Server (Atlanta 3)". The ping is 292ms and the download speed is 16.48 Mbps. Sometimes other USA servers works too. The download speed varies a lot. South Korea server occasionally works. Before July 2018, I used to connect Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea servers and got a very good connection speed. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed. For those who want to communicate using Chinese, I can be reached at [email protected]