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    TorGuard open vpn fatal error

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  2. MissyMoo

    TorGuard open vpn fatal error

    Hi, we uninstalled TG and reinstalled it so it should be the latest version but I am sure this all started after an update. It is version 0.3.78 like above This comes up about a minute or so after connecting TG,it still seems to be working but has the message and the only way to turn close TG when the message is there is via task manager. I only turn TG on when I am DL as it slows my connection too much for day to day stuff. I find this after the message has come up so I believe the issue to be in the TAP connection
  3. MissyMoo

    TorGuard open vpn fatal error

    We are currently having the same issue, I have followed the above and still no luck on openconnect and on openVPN it doesn't come up with the TAP message but also stops the browser opening anything or uTorrent downloading