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    My Guess is Atlanta is a Cogent Service, I once Streamed IPTV from a Seller that used Cogent Network because they are cheap but it wasn't very reliable.
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    Try a different server perhaps or use the client and see if theres any differences. The client uses openvpn too. Ive found some servers are bad for me, see your latency of 200ms? ALSO TRY TCP...
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    I just need the Tap Version not the installer, I use Open VPN. I'll google it.
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    You need to re run the installer, choose reinstall TAP adapter, choose 9.9. I'm not sure what versions are offered now, but yeah, choose the older one. TORGUARD PLEASE PUT A NOTE IN YOUR PROGRAM TO TRY 9.9 etc IF THERE ARE ISSUES.
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    When I was looking at the configs I saw that a lot of their config files say NO-TORRENTS in the string... ugh... now I have to use a dialup in Canada??? WTH Seems like it doesnt matter according to this thread. I saw no speed issues but I'll see how toronto works for me.
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    I have some time to Play with it...Thanks. But it's my Houses only TV Service so I can't have those Download Speeds.