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    Hello everyone We hadn't seen this thread, we do not believe in a warrant canary here at TG - there are no logs on any TG servers, we have started migrating to volatile RAM-based servers but in any case your data does not hit our HD's in the first place, this migration, of course, will take some time but we have started the process - there is no identifying info that can be collected, regardless of the amount of force applied with TG. Regards
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    Check out this TG openVPN install guide on an Asus with Merlin: https://x3mtek.com/torguard-openvpn-2-4-client-setup-for-asuswrt-merlin-firmware/
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    There is no eta at the minute but i can assure you they are working on it. Regards
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    Hi Simon Is this the latest Tg Android app your running ? right now it will auto connect on boot or connect but not on application start - we do plan on adding this, i will try get it pushed in the next release. Regards
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