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    I have successfully used wireguard to connect to the "wireguard" servers listed in the support page; however, I am looking to connect via wireguard to one of the dedicated IP servers I have on my account. Is anyone aware if this is available now and, if so, how to set it up, or if there is any timeline on when it will be available?
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    Hi, isn't it good idea to have Server status page like Windscirbe has on https://windscribe.com/status I thought maybe it might be good idea to have that for the users whom might like to look at such info. Thanks.
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    Interim further testing indicates you need to connect to your chosen VPN server on port 1912 for port forwarding to work - despite being able to choose from all connecting ports (1194, 1195 etc) for establishing your VPN on the port forwarding setup form. Obviously you can choose any unused port to forward. Don't forget you'll likely need to forward the same port as both TCP and UDP for torrenting.
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