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    I have been using Torguard now for 2-3 years and it has been working Flawlessly. I use it every single day and I i NEVER experience any significant problems. You are likely Configuring something wrong, if it is not working then you have configured it wrong, i say that because i use socks5 proxy and VPN everyday flawlessly without any problems for years. The forums is not the fastest way to ask for help, if you need support or help configuring something i would suggest going through the proper channels of opening a support ticket or talking to live chat and i am sure they will assist you ASAP! I have gone into live chat a few times over the years for general questions and they always reply to me Very quickly and Professionally. Torguard is a very Professionally run VPN service with good stability/security and the support has always been top notch in my opinion. I have tested other vpn services and Torguard surely rates at the Top. It is a No logs VPN service so 5 eyes? Nothing is logged so no information can be given if asked therefore 5 eyes is of no real concern. 5 eyes can ask for something yes but with No logs they will receive no info so there is no concern. I would suggest asking your question By opening a support ticket or going through live chat.