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  2. Support

    Windows 10 - Torguard client crashes on sleep

    Hi, are you on a surface by chance? when you say crash, the client disconnects or your client completely closes? it is not a common problem
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  4. Seems like their lack of reply is reply enough? Account is coming up for renewal so time to go shopping!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Anyone else experience this? Whenever my PC goes into sleep mode the client crashes.
  7. Support

    Trying to reach chat support.

    Hi - we have been asked by Cisco themselves not to host their apps or guides and so we have to comply. Regards
  8. Support

    SOCKS5 - Jackett, Radarr, Sonarr

    If they support HTTP you could always try HTTP proxies on port 6060 Regards
  9. Support

    German servers slow

    You are welcome
  10. Terrails

    German servers slow

    Looks like that fixed it, I reconnected and its working as before. Thanks!
  11. Support

    German servers slow

    Hi- we just made some changes to the German servers, can you retest them now and let me know if things are now OK? Regards
  12. The last few days I've been having issues with the German servers. I use Germany all the time so its an annoying issue. I usually get around 21 Mbps down and 4,5 Mbps up with around 30 ms ping when connected to the vpn (I've got 25 down and 5 up and 20 ms ping without vpn). But the issue is that lately on German servers the download drops to around 5 Mbps (sometimes even 1-2 Mbps), the upload stays the same and the ping goes to around 60 ms. I've tried resetting the windows app to default settings but that didnt help at all.
  13. oldirtdog

    SOCKS5 - Jackett, Radarr, Sonarr

    ah... that's what I thought... it definitely doesn't work on the others
  14. Support

    The 'Check My Torrent IP' won't download

    Hey there, this torrent won't actually download any data - you open the IP check torrent page, download and load into the torrent client, then wait for the IP check torrent page to refresh, it will report IP's reported by the torrent client.
  15. Hi there, there are many Android Boxes on the market these days - internally there are usually many changes, the most common reasons this might happen is there are no permissions to create the VPN interface or other VPN apps are installed. Regards
  16. Support

    Port Forwarding changes packet source

    Hi, The support desk can make a quick change so you can see the correct source IP. Regards
  17. Support

    SOCKS5 - Jackett, Radarr, Sonarr

    Hi, There are no guarantees our socks5 will work on all programs, unfortunately - they are purely designed for torrent clients. Regards
  18. Support

    Port Forwarding not working

    It would appear you are connected correctly but you need to make sure no local firewall is blocking this port and that your app is running that uses the port you have requested. Regards
  19. Support

    AnyOne Connecting to Torguard from UAE

    Hello, Try generating a config that sued TLS-Crypt, you can find the ports that support this here https://torguard.net/tgspec.php Regards
  20. jackripper

    Port Forwarding not working

    Hello, I have opened a support ticket with Torguard and they have been attempting to help me fix the problem but I figured I'd post in here as well to get as many suggestions as possible. Here is a log of my ipconfig. The port I'm hoping to forward is 8096. Thanks in Advance, Jack Log.txt
  21. Last week
  22. ah - that’s what I was missing. Didn’t realize you could only see settings when you weren’t connected to the VPN. That setting did the trick - thank you!!!
  23. Unforeseen_Consequences

    Torguard needs to be updated to understand Windows 10 scaling

    1. Go on "More Settings" (make sure you're disconnected from TorGuard first or you wont see this option) 2. Under the General tab you should see "High DPI scaling factor" (it's near the bottom) 3. Tick that and restart TorGuard. I wish TG would auto-detect high DPI and enable this option by default because i had the same issue.
  24. I'm having the same issue - tiny text within the client window on Windows 10 on a 3000x2000 display. @TorGuard I was unable to find any settings within the client. I'm on 3.96.1. Am I missing something?
  25. I have put in the login and server information I use in Deluge, but it doesn't want to connect to anything in Sonarr, Jackett, nor Radarr... Deluge is working fine... Any ideas?
  26. I'm doing port forwarding on my dedicated IP but I noticed that when the packets arrive to my local device, their source IP is no longer the original, but with port varying between 55500 and 55600 (also not the original). Is there any way to fix that? If not, I'm afraid my account is useless, because I need: - dedicated IP - port forwarding - arriving packets with original content
  27. uNc


    Check out this TG openVPN install guide on an Asus with Merlin: https://x3mtek.com/torguard-openvpn-2-4-client-setup-for-asuswrt-merlin-firmware/
  28. uNc


    Wow, excellent router! fasted router for openvpn, just be sure to switch on hardware acceleration. I think the light bulbs on the local network can be excluded from vpn. check snbforums.com, it's a dedicated asus / merlin web forum and has everything you need to get started.
  29. rb123


    Asus RT-AC86U is the router i'm currently using. I'm just learning that i may have to get torguard streaming as much as i want to have the whole house under a vpn i may have to allow by device because we have a lot of smart things running in the house from light bulbs to temperature control and alexa minding my business day in and out so i don't know if torguard would be best ran on the router but i don't mind trying at least
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