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  2. CryptoDigs

    No special characters in password?

    So, I've tried to set a password for the VPN service at least 10 - 15 times now...with no success. I keep getting the error "& not allowed" no matter what combination of alphanumeric characters and symbols I use. I have tried using the following web browsers: Brave (Chromium-based browser): will not allow toggling of password visibility (i.e.- there is no way tp see what characters you enter) every entry results in error: "& not allowed" Firefox: will not allow toggling of password visibility every entry results in er
  3. Thanks for the input. Edit: Question... when accessing your media, is it direct? Meaning, are you simply directing traffic to 1 port? I was using a vpn with my Plex VM server and recall I had to open the incoming port, but not the port being used internally. I'll make that inquire.
  4. Your best course of action would likely be to Open a support ticket and likely Torguard support would be able to direct you in the right direction , I am running something similar to what you are running and to access my media remotely with the VPN running i was required to open the specific Port on the VPN IP/Server , there is a port forwarding page in your Torguard Control panel on the website to open ports on specific IP's/Servers. If you didn't open the ports your using then that might explain why your having access issues. But i could be wrong your best bet like i say is talk to supp
  5. chantingF

    TorGuard Client v4.5.1

    I have a weird issue on 4.5.1 on MacOS Big Sur. I cant get toguard to connect if I click on the menu bar icon and choose connect, it tries to connect and then fails. Every time this happens, I have to click on the icon, click "Show/Hide" and then click connect in the app itself. Also it always switches to OpenVPN when it fails to connect, even when I have been using wireguard for quite some time now. Any fixes for this? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I may be completely off with my understanding of using a VPN. Here are my responses to your questions. Open a port? You mean a port forward request with Torguard? I don't need to bypass the vpn, and I would not be forwarding a port. For my successful test w/ VPN off, yes, I had to forward a port from the router to the guest VM. Otherwise, with the VPN, I'll be connecting directly to the guest VM via domain through the VPN static IP. With the VPN active, I wish to use mydomain.com:7878. The domain is properly set with my service provider. I also linked a few
  7. Yesterday
  8. It is unlikely that Torguard Is blocking anything and more likely that is it a configuration error on your end such as Firewall , Network settings , maybe the Port isn't opened it could be any number of things but it is likely Something not configured properly. You mention you can access it with the VPN off* but Can't with the VPN on* so my first guess is Port/Firewall/Network not configured properly on your end, Did you open the Port for Radarr on the specific VPN* IP on the torguard website? Did you configure Your Firewall with the Settings for VPN port's etc? Is your network
  9. I'm running a hyper-v based guest. This is a media server running radarr and other services. With the Torguard VPN client OFF, I can access radarr remotely using a ddns. With the Torguard VPN client running, however, I can not longer access radarr (ddns updated). Why may Torguard be blocking my access to radarr? Screenshot's of settings...
  10. TDog

    I Like It!

    4.5.1 w/Win 10 is the best build so far. Smoother and the GUI works well for mr on systems with different screen resolutions. Keep up the good work folks!
  11. Do you have an update for this request to allow VPN over TOR/onion ? sIs this still under consideration, or will it be implemented soon?
  12. jberry

    HBO max

    Yes, I am using LA Streaming IP, and also switch to SanDiego Streaming IP at times, but they both work for HBO max, just watched Kong vs Godzilla on it, very fast streaming!
  13. Totolika

    HBO max

    Has anyone had any luck using a dedicated streaming ip for hbo max ?
  14. Last week
  15. icenov

    BBC blocked after upgrade to v4.5.1

    I've just been allocated a new IP address from support and it's now working again. Looks like the old dedicated IP address has been blocked. Very quick response from support!
  16. Dan_C

    BBC blocked after upgrade to v4.5.1

    I am on Win 10 (know it is not Linux) but I use OpenVPN ver. 4.5.1 just tried iplayer line of duty with no problems.
  17. icenov

    BBC blocked after upgrade to v4.5.1

    Yes, sorry - I do have a UK dedicated IP address. I'll open a support ticket as suggested.
  18. Hi All, I use Torguard at work to encrypt my network traffic work and it is working ok. Due to the firewall rules only port 80 can be used to connect to torguard services, this means I must use the following tunneling setting: Tunnel Type: OpenVPN Protocol: UDP Port/Auth: 80 (SHA1) Cipher: AES-128-GCM I would personally prefer to use WireGuard instead of OpenVPN due to how fast it is to connect/reconnect. Is there any way to use the WireGuard protocol with Torguard over port 80 to bypass the port restrictions I have at work?
  19. Dom1no

    BBC blocked after upgrade to v4.5.1

    You did not mention if your using shared servers or dedicated IP or residential Dedicated IP so .... I would suggest opening a support ticket and providing ALL relevant information and maybe they can assist you. I am guessing.. that you are using a Dedicated Residential IP?? > because i think that's the only option that works to view BBC using Torguard. It could be any number of things Torguard App Settings , DNS , Browser cache , Cookies. Your best bet is to open a support ticket.
  20. Maybe coincidence, but I am now blocked from BBC after upgrading to v4.5.1 - and I failed to see that when I started the new version (I'm on Linux Manjaro) that it started up with a US based IP! I have restarted with the UK IP but now consistently blocked. Has anyone else seen this and/or have a workaround?
  21. madman660


    I have used torguard with MLB.tv to avoid local blackouts for 3 years now, but its not working for 2021 season so far it appears MLB.tv has updated their systems to detect VPNs. I would love a workaround.
  22. Dom1no

    Torguard IPs being blocked by numerous websites

    I just tested this after reading your post and i tested with 2 Locations USA/Canada Locations and both worked so.... I am not sure what to tell you but i think you should Contact Support using the Ticket system and maybe they can help narrow down the issue. You might not have your DNS configured properly or the settings within the Torguard Application or possibly just the locations/IP's you coincidentally tried did not work but they can help you but like i say i just tested it on 2 diff servers and Both! loaded the site instantly no problem... As stated above in this thread Torguard has n
  23. Same issue, FF on Win10, VPN add-on fails login no matter how I go about it. My login credentials are correct and my account is active.
  24. sidescratches

    Torguard IPs being blocked by numerous websites

    I cannot get to kroger.com. I have tried different servers, protocols, specific and auto gen port/auth, tunnel types.... nothing works unless I disconnect from torguard. All other websites, so far, work fine while connected. I agree with original poster, what's the point in paying. This is a grocery store website. I'm not trying to backdoor it into Iran's government. There should be a workaround, that is what a company like Torguard is paid to provide, not excuses. Please help provide a solution. Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.kroger.com/" on this server
  25. Support

    Location Information?

    Hello, We don't store your location, it is stored within your browser profile and only for the duration of your session if you wish to use the GEO fake option under settings - we don't access your location as it is never transmitted to us. Regards
  26. Hello, what client are you running there? Regards
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