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  3. NileNinja

    Adobe Creative Cloud No Internet connection

    OMG 😂 It worked when I removed the custom DNS 😅 Thank you 👏🏻
  4. I did have the same problem, but changes my setting in Network Connections, then that was fix, ry it and see if helps
  5. Twinkle

    Backing up e-mail

    Can anyone explain to me how to backup my anonymous e-mails in TorGuard? I'd like to download them to my computer (running Windows 8, alas) but don't want to have to cut and paste every message.
  6. Last week
  7. Tom23423

    random Server on DD-WRT Router

    Hello, is it possible to set random servers on a DD-WRT Router? regards, Tom
  8. Toolpusher

    Torgaurd not being verified anymore

    Since last windows update to 1909 Torgaurd is not working any more. I get to the point it needs to be verified and then it stops and I have not connection. Please help have used TG for number of years with no problems. I recently installed Bitdefender but TG has worked since that. Sure its something to do with the latest WIN 10 update
  9. NileNinja

    Adobe Creative Cloud No Internet connection

    I have the same issue
  10. balexter

    New Torguard Upgrade on Router?

    Hi portolan. you only need to upgrade your routers firmware from time to time. There is no TG client on it. Only your credentials and some settings. If you are on an ASUS try the Merlin firmware. Regards
  11. Amir

    Server status/load

    Hi, isn't it good idea to have Server status page like Windscirbe has on https://windscribe.com/status I thought maybe it might be good idea to have that for the users whom might like to look at such info. Thanks.
  12. Amir

    Server Status

    Hi, isn't it good idea to have Server status page like Windscirbe has on https://windscribe.com/status I thought maybe it might be good idea to have that for the users whom might like to look at such info. Thanks.
  13. john1

    DNS Ad Blocking

    It would also be nice to be able to whitelist a site that causes a page to not display correctly when blocked.
  14. The tutorials of setting up ad blocking on the android client were of no help. The android app seems to have changed a bit. "To block ads with TorGuard on Android or iOS, simply navigate to the settings in the top right corner. Scroll down until you see the “Nameservers” button text. From here, scroll down and select “Ad blocking DNS”. After this you will be able to block ads on your Android device, which is super useful if you hate annoying popups!" There is not a “Nameservers button” on the android app. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Hi: I don't use the Torguard client. I have it loaded on my ASUS router. Do I need to upgrade anything to get the advantages of the Jan. 5 release? If so, how do I upgrade it on my router? Thanks, Portolan
  16. Earlier
  17. Dear OPNsense DNS OVER TLS Users, I was in error in reporting that this server was not working properly - that being dns-nyc.aaflalo.me aka dns-gcp.aaflalo.me - I configured the server incorrectly which caused the error in Stubby being unable to boot correctly. The correct configuration is below : ## 19 - The Antoine Aflalo DNS TLS Server #1 A+ ( USA ) - address_data: tls_auth_name: "dns-nyc.aaflalo.me" tls_port: 853 tls_pubkey_pinset: - digest: "sha256" value: 39DtR8cTs4rBfMnUxuAngI6XUc1HTeZVziSbSC56MIM= You will find the correctly configured server added back to my tutorial ( s ) Peace and God Bless, directnupe
  18. Hey all, I recently installed Linux Mint (19.2 Tina) on two laptops. After downloading the TorGuard client onto each, I discovered that the client will open on one of the machines (a Lenovo Thinkpad) while the other (a Toshiba Satellite) won't run the client. On the Toshiba, the system will ask for my authentication to run the client (as it normally does) but the client doesn't run. I've attempted purging/reinstalling/updating/upgrading the client (from the software app, the terminal, as well as downloading the .deb package) on the Toshiba to no avail. I've tried running from the taskbar as well as the terminal. I worked through the commands found here [https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=32] with no change. I'm at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated!
  19. Support

    Stuck on WAIT

    Could we maybe do a teamviewer? you can submit a ticket and quote this thread https://torguard.net/submitticket.php Thanks
  20. s0uthstar

    Stuck on WAIT

    Tried both UDP and TCP, neither option will connect to any servers. Also tried a full reinstall. Still stuck on WAIT.
  21. uNc

    VPN settings for Asuswrt-Merlin router

    Hi, Your speed issue is caused by your router, which does NOT have hardware acceleration. I have an AC88U and maximum speed on OpenVPN is ~50 or 60Mbps. I also have an Asus AC86U (with hardware acceleration) and regulary achieve OpenVPN speeds > 200Mbps. YOur current router is the bottleneck, you need to use an AC86U if you want to improve OpenVPN cipher mgmt. FYI, I usually have two or more OpenVPN Clients running simultaneously and performance is very reasonable.
  22. rrgdog


    Help. Is there a set up that work good with pc gaming? I do not want to get ddos of anyone to know my ip address. Every time I have the Torguard on I get disconnected after a few minutes of game play, on Uplay, Steam,etc. I have tried many different setups within the app.Any help would be appreciated. Running Windows 10 Pro. Using Torguard with dedicated ip service.
  23. Paking00

    DNS ad blocking

    Does not seem to be supported by the android app any longer. I tried following the directions to find Nameservers, but it does not exist on the android app. What are the latest instructions to ad blocking using the android app?
  24. yummiyummi

    Exclude IP address from VPN

    Hi Kim Foltz, I am checking in to ask is this still the configuration you use? I was hoping to see a feature in the TG client but do not think it is in there yet. Thank you very much for posting the answer to your question.
  25. Amir

    TorGuard Client v3.97.3

  26. Support

    Stuck on WAIT

    Have you tried with TCP? WAIT can mean that either the IP is blocked you cannot resolve DNS or the port can be blocked via UDP or TCP even, we have multiple ports, it's best you cycle through them. Regards
  27. yummiyummi

    Desktop Restricted Apps

    I appologize in advance; while I'm sure this is addressed elsewhere I'm having a difficult time searching and locating on the site or support site. With the linux VPN client is their functionality to exclude programs or traffic from VPN routing? I would like to set a program to exclude from the VPN routing, similar to the Restricted Apps list on Android app I'd rather not look at routing tables and the like. is there a function in the linux client which works as a white/black list? If not, how might I accomplish this? Thank you
  28. s0uthstar

    Stuck on WAIT

    I tried reinstalling and that did not solve my problem. My VPN will not connect to any server, it is stuck on "WAIT"
  29. Amir

    TorGuard Client v3.97.4

    Dear Support, any idea about my previous post above? Thank you.
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