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  2. It is listed on openwrt wiki, It says it is compatible with openwrt: https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/r7000 Probably ddwrt existst too, but I would pick openwrt before ddwrt if both are available. Please inform yourself once again on openwrt forums if you can flash r7000 to your r6900. Search engine already shows this too: https://forum.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=301328&sid=ccf1fc8b96fb0d0e09a753319fad8420 This is download link for your firmware (not sure v2, but I guess it works, I do not have this device): http://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/19.07.7/targets/bcm53xx/gene
  3. Cytane89

    TG Android Client v1.59.7

    This still happens to me unfortunately. Hadn't touched my phone for a number of hours, come back to it and I notice that I was no longer connected to TG.
  4. I would like to install torguard on my Nighthawk R69000 v2, i would appreciate any instructions as i am new at this, i will also like to install the Torguard adblocker on the router, thanks in advance.
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  6. stormdragon

    Split Tunneling on Windows 10 Desktop Client?

    Thanks very much of the information. I agree, better to do it right than to rush it out
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  8. Thanks for the screenshot, where it clearly is visible that you bind it to all addresses which could be suboptimal, it is always best to define static values just to exclude possible leaks, however, specifying the interface should be enough, like you said, if vpn is not connected, to be exact, if torguard-wg interface is not existing or not connected, then torrent client will not be able to connect. If one uses TorGuard client and switches as example to openvpn from wireguard, then there would be no torguard-wg interface. For windows and mac this is availble which worked very well with to
  9. Yup, I switched from UTorrent to QBittorent for this reason. Couldn't find an easy way through UTorrent, but it's directly built into the menus of QBittorrent, so by switching the interface to wg-torguard, the torrent software simply refuses to connect and start downloading unless you are actively connected to the VPN, and likewise it immediately stops transfer if it detects downtime on the VPN.
  10. Simply set torguard-wg as your interface, I do not remember that in utorrent one could select the interface (long time ago when I used it for the last time), but other torrent clients like qtorrent and some other have ability to specify interface which is used.
  11. Actually it is not really complex, just wanted to point you out options which you have if you as example do your backups with linux. Keep it simple for yourself, 256Gb SSD's are available for quite cheap, but better buy something which has best relation of GB/$. Considering, you buy new SSD 500Gb disk drive, then buy some $10-20 casing in which you put then your SSD (be it the new one or 250Gb from your mac). I would consider placing inside new 500Gb and taking out old, then you have your untouched, old working MacOS which you can boot at any time from USB. That is then what you do, run it fro
  12. THanks for reply. I am using wireguard on a win10 computer. I do not see anything about kill switch under "seamless reconnect." I have been able to get to the kill switch page where you select what app to kill upon disconnect to the torguard server. . utorrent is not on the provided list. I wrote in utorrent.exe and tried to select that app to be killed. the select app option button was greyed out. did not seem to work. Now, when starting up torguard, I can see the list of options including seamless reconnect. but "kill switch" is not under that . This kil
  13. ghostdestroyer

    TorGuard Client v4.7.0

    macOS BIG SUR , Nice job
  14. Wow Wow looks as though this could be a more complex task than I had imagined but having a loaded drive ready to install seems like the best way to back it up ( I found Other world computing company to be very good ) and if anything goes awry then just install it . I really want linux bad and if I can't update my OS I will need it . My Macbook has a 256 gig apple SSD and runs real nice . I have investment that will ripen soon and will buy a new mac then but Apple was a better company when Steve Jobs was alive God rest his Alien like soul he was a genius . Apple has a lot of work to do on the M
  15. I did not read mentioned discussion, but that user is active and helping other users here with valid solutions/replies, the more replies you get, the easier will it be for you to resolve all questions which you have, as at the end, you will anyway do it slightly different from any guide Edit: here is official ubuntu guide how to create bootable usb on mac: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/create-a-usb-stick-on-macos#1-overview This one is about debian and macos, it lists also supported models: https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Apple Fedora: https://getfedora.org/en/worksta
  16. You have several ways to achieve one and the same goal, assuming that you are willing to invest few bucks into a bootable usb, here is what I probably would do: 1. I would buy usb-2/3/c (depending which is the fastest available port on your notebook) casing for your current hdd (which is probably a normal 2.5" disk, a casing for it costs from $ 10 upwards). 2. I would buy a new disk, probably 2.5" SATA adapter to m2, or even one with 2x m2 in raid (considered it is supported by your mac and consider raid controller is not a junk). (128GB costs as example less than $ 30) This way
  17. Yes soon I will change to Linux , I have seen some bootable flash drives for sale loaded with Ubuntu for fifteen bucks that came with good reviews . I partitioned my 2009 MBP on the fly of about 70gig and 250gig hd and apparently deleted some packets which caused inability to reformat and reload my system . The CCC clone that I created and tested successfully wouldn't boot . I am definitely afraid now to create a dual boot on my 2014 MBP . Ashutosh ( one of our advanced and very friendly members ) was nice enough to extend some of his thoughts on the matter , but I have cold feet on this and a
  18. =========================== Next is a TorGuard PRODUCTION release Release torguard-v4.7.0, 2021-05-10 Changelog: =================================== - All platforms: "STunnel enabled" label is changed into "SSL enabled" - All platforms: ShadowSocks is now enabled on most servers. A new option "Stealth enabled" is visible in the Connect screen, when OpenVPN and TCP protocol are selected and the server supports it. The old "Stealth Proxy" is now deprecated and will be soon removed. Please use this new feature instead. - Linux
  19. You are welcome and no need for excuse, mistakes happen, bad is only if we never learn from them. Your decision to move to linux is wise in several ways, but major one is you can still use properly your old pc for which you might not have support anymore from mac. There are enough good guides online how to do it and I am sure you will have no issue switching when you attempt to do so. I just share my experience/knowledge/thoughs in public as I do assume it helps other users as well as it helps torguard to improve their services, even if I am sometimes wrong in something, it is then g
  20. Sorry for not understanding your comment and thank you for your information😄! and actually v4.7.0 beta is working for me a whole lot better with hardly any lag time at all . I want to move to linux because I have a 2014 macbook pro and am not sure how long they will allow me to update . You definitely know more than I do about computers and I would be more than happy to have you as a friend in the forum 😇 . Thanks again !
  21. The biggest advantage of TorGuard compared to Nord is the ability to use original wireguard client which you can not use with nord. This is one of reasons I asked you why do you use TorGuard client at all. TorGuard client is good if you just have one pc or mobile and never need them to be connected. If you on other side want to be in your own network, but all devices using TorGuard (same or each own, does not matter) and you do not use/need a router, then original client let's you make it very easy, one can do it actually with torguard client too where one modifies torguard's interface in addi
  22. Am using this Beta and like it as it works pretty well besides being a little slow on my macOS big sur . Am happy with the direction you're going as it is getting much better than it was ! I had Nord before and their apps suck compared to yours , Much better support than those Jokers ! I know apple software is hard to develop but you guys are doing a good job !
  23. Support

    What did you guys do?????

    Hello, Everything is still there, you have the little burger menu on the top left to change your tunnel types and protocols etc - remember if you have the killswtich enabled, to gain connectivity close the app completely or connect to the VPN. If you have trouble still try refresh your config cache or remove the config folder: 1) Go to more settings --> general tab --> click "restore defaults" and then hit save, then close the app. 2) Remove this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/VPNetworkLLC 3) Restart the app retry. Let me know how you g
  24. 19807409

    TorGuard Client v4.7.0 (BETA)

    You are welcome, I was just confused by different file hashes and versioning but assumed it is correct one where simply the version was not bumped, thanks for clarification. In regards of the error, this happened already with old beta and is actually known issue where from time to time somebody posts question about. I did debug this some time ago, its nothing cruical, just wanted to let you know that this happens on first launch of the app if there is no userdata available (like fresh install), then user is asked for credentials and then handshake fails, simply shutting the client down an
  25. Support

    Split Tunneling on Windows 10 Desktop Client?

    We are working on this, we have tried many clients and they are very unreliable in the way this is done, some don't prevent leaks and some just plainly don't work, we want to do this right and we already have the framework in place - rest assured it will be available soon. Thanks
  26. Support

    New Design Concept Mac OS - Suggestions?

    Will take note of that - thanks
  27. Support

    TorGuard Client v4.7.0 (BETA)

    Thanks for checking this out - the beta is indeed v4.6.2 (should be 4.7.0) my bad but still has the new changes listed - in regards to the Wireguard issue, did this happen before for you or just on this build? Thanks again 👍
  28. 19807409

    TorGuard Client v4.7.0 (BETA)

    Is this now 4.7 beta where version was not updated or is it v4.6.2? Hashes are clearly different: torguard-latest-amd64.deb - Link for latest client (I suppose it is 4.6.2) torguard-latest-amd64 (1).deb - Supposed beta client showing v4.6.2 sha256sum torguard-latest-amd64* 025759b98ee15d90e103a49d71e7d9b5b796838d0b4fb02bdc7f7f79020d3cbb torguard-latest-amd64 (1).deb 984dcf4c87c1ca0e87c5181e472021e45f9f7aec2a97ed825443116641c96aa8 torguard-latest-amd64.deb md5sum torguard-latest-amd64* 12436d7704d2c2cc37fc51a14ac7a476 torguard-latest-amd64 (1).deb 68551fb20b234b01755d4e6d7ad074
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