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  2. Dav1d

    Unhide the window

    Well it's Not Always Hidden you can Click those Icons down by your clock and you can drag them around and you can drag/unhide it so it's Always Visible. The Icons that Get Hidden can be Unhidden by clicking it and dragging it out of the hidden area. Alternatively You can also right click the taskbar and Select Taskbar settings to do some Customizing in there by going into "Select Which Icons Appear on the Taskbar". Mine for example though is Always visible Never hidden Glad you got everything Working Smoothly.
  3. elgin

    Unhide the window

    In the right of the taskbar(w10)? The "hidden" icon? Yes, that works! I was trying to get a response from the larger icon in the center of the taskbar and was forgetting about the hidden icons. Thanks for the help.
  4. Dav1d

    Unhide the window

    Hey @elgin Sometimes I think you just have to "Left" click the Icon in the bottom Left down by the clock more than once, in my experience sometimes a single click doesn't Bring up the Window - but clicking it 2 or 3 times usually Does. You can Also "Right" Click the Icon in the bottom left down by the clock and it gives you an Option to "Show/Hide". If multiple programs are running in full-screen mode such as a Browser or something - sometimes when you click the Program icon in Taskbar it Does Not bring the Window to the "Front!" of the screen, so when you click the Icon by the Clock it is opening the program but its "Behind!" the other windows you have open so clicking it multiple times or right clicking it and selecting show/hide 1 or more times usually brings the window to the Front! otherwise it's usually behind the other windows you have open. You can always Contact @Support if you continue to have problems or suggestions > https://torguard.net/submitticket.php
  5. elgin

    Unhide the window

    Under Settings>general if I select any of the 4 "Hide window to taskbar" options, once the window is hidden to taskbar then I can not open the window again either from taskbar icon or from start (w10). I have to open task manager and kill the process and start torguard again in order to get a window. Once hidden it is hidden for good apparently and I have no more control. Is that the way it is supposed to work? Is there a way to get the window back once it is hidden?
  6. Dav1d

    Can't log in or change location?

    Hello @TheCrazyThingIs When you go into the settings and View the Account Tab where it says "" 'Login requested. "" > That Page is not the Main Login Page. If you are Not logged in then Simply Select the Server/Country you wish to Connect to and Press "Connect" Then it will ask you to Login if you are not already. Logging in Happens After pressing Connect! Which is why the error message says >> "please login in main window" , Not in settings. Keep in mind you can always Contact @Support for help if needed they usually reply to tickets Fairly Quickly , > https://torguard.net/submitticket.php
  7. Hi, I can't login via the desktop app, when I click login it says 'Login requested. Please login in main window...", and nothing happens, even if I click save. The main screen says "Sign Up for an Account here!" even though I have one already. I also can't change my location country, as mentioned on this post. Granted, this post was made for a different TorGuard version, so this functionality may have moved. I am using TorGuard version 4.8.13. I feel like I'm missing something obvious, could anyone shed some light? Screenshots included: The login window The forum post mentioned above
  8. Hey @Josser900 I think your best Bet would be to Contact @Support Directly Using the Ticket system, it's possible something might need a adjustment.>> https://torguard.net/submitticket.php
  9. I'm using Foxyproxy in Firefox. Since a few days Firefox will give an error when trying to connect using ca.secureconnect.me. Part of the error message is: "It’s likely the website’s certificate is expired, which prevents Firefox from connecting securely." Other proxy servers like cavan.secureconnect.me and us-ny.secureconnect.me work fine. Is there an issue with ca.secureconnect.me? Thank you.
  10. klepp0906

    What's the deal with 2FA?

    nope, messing around with the "forgot password" button seems to have this sharing the same password as the "billing password" aka the non forum/account page. This is ideal (for me) i'm not a fan of sites that separate the two. that being said, i'm now back on my original inquiry. why does enabling 2FA ask for my OTP when logging into the client area, but not ask for my OTP when logging in here? Furthermore why is there a second option to enable 2FA for this? considering I use a password manager this seems like a quick way to lock myself out or get warnings about duplicate passwords if i make a separate entry for the forums for one OTP and the client area for another OTP. last possibility is it was an oversight and they are supposed to be tied together (which ought to be the case) but i'll wait to hear back.
  11. So i enabled it on my account page, but when I come over to the forums theres an option to enable it again. Just curious if im supposed to actually be using 2 separate passwords for my account and for the forum? I assumed they were one and the same but the 2FA implementation leads me to believe otherwise. I cant imagine you guys wanting us to use 2FA for one and not for the other so I can only assume that they arent linked in any way and somehow mine got linked up/sharing the same username/password? this potentially leads me into my second question. If they are in fact supposed to be independent of one another, i'm seeing no means to update the forum password in account settings.
  12. 238486_1511348168

    Can Wireguard be used on Asus RT-AX88U with AsusWRT Merlin?

    Thanks for the info I will check it out asap:)
  13. yes.....it's been working quite well......check the snb forums....you'll need a usb stick to run custom scripts on your router...check the addons section....you will need amtm and through that you can install wireguard. Runs real good....I'm getting speeds 3x faster than I was on openvpn on my rt-ac86u for over a year now. The config tool on this site will provide the settings you need to work with it.
  14. klepp0906

    Split tunneling - when?

    any progress on this? I gotta be honest, for my use case the cudgeling of torrent traffic in US based servers is incredibly problematic. This led me to begin researching other options. the one thing that could keep me (by creating a middle-ground/compromise) is having access to split tunneling. whats the latest?
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  16. Dav1d

    Original Socks5 Proxy List

    Hey The Old Socks5 List is No Longer Valid - They No Longer Work! , I would Recommend Using the New List. You Can Contact Support if you need any Help or Have Suggestions Here >> https://torguard.net/submitticket.php
  17. Does anyone happen to have the original torguard socks5 proxy list they could send me?
  18. jberry

    Issues with Uk dedicated ip

    Couple of things you can do, when you are on the UK dedicated IP, check google.com and at the way bottom left, where is google detecting you at? stateside or in the UK? google is with youtube, so if google is detecting your IP as stateside, then you need to file a report IP problem with google and tell them that your IP is an UK IP and not USA, it may take a couple of days or even a couple of weeks, but they do change it, here is the link: https://support.google.com/websearch/workflow/9308722?hl=en I have fixed TG dedicated IPs that say they are like in UAE when its actually in the US. Second thing, is you can get youtube premium, so there will be no US ads at all, but you will still see the USD when you purchase movies, another thing you can do, is do a smart DNS like ControlD.com and have it redirect youtube to the UK, but be aware sometimes their proxies are not that fast, and you may buffer when streaming 4K content on youtube. Also it will effect google of course to be in the UK which is what you want.
  19. Torguard's menubar icon on MacOS is noticeably bigger than other icons. While it is not an emergency, it is kinda annoying to look at.
  20. TDog

    TorGuard to block us torrent traffic

    Sorry I missed this. Ever notice all these reviews are sure to have affiliate links with their "top-rated" vpn providers. Between that and a reddit sub that seems to think one vpn provider (hint: never has a sale, starts with "M") I am ready to scream. I guess word of mouth from friends is the only thing to trust. Personally I have a good deal with Torguard so I'm happy. To be honest to use a vpn that resides in the country you live in isn't the smartest thing in the world if you think about it. I was let's say straddling the fence during MPAA's Jack Valenti years. The MPAA was mostly known for being a huge pain, enjoying theatrics more tha real results. I would hate to think what they pay their legal team. At least these firms who send DMCA notices to ISPs are noting more than bounty hunters getting commissions for every notice they send. A darn good reason to torrent with a vpn.
  21. Hi guys I was wondering if Torguards Wireguard could be used on Asus RT-AX88U with AsusWRT Merlin?? Is there a guide? Thanks for all your help!
  22. I tried to use torguard in China using apple apps torguard or using ikve2 https://torguard.net/indexori.php?rp=/knowledgebase/212/How-to-setup-IKEv2-VPN-on-iOS.html in this link howevrr it is still unable to for me to connect to torguard and assess Facebook and whatapps in china Can you help me to see how to bypass China firewall using torguard
  23. OpenVPN configuration on this router is a snap; however, the manual does not make this clear and I have not yet found any documentation on the TG site to help either. The high-level processes outlined below should take less than 15 minutes to complete. Select the VPN Fusion option within the VPN tab of the general menu. Enter your TG access credential in the provided areas Use the TG Config Generator to create the OpenVpn script - use the default "..." setting - no need to switch to dd-wrt or any of the other options. Save the script Upload the script to the designated area within VPN Fusion Apply the new settings and you should receive a successful confirmation indicator/message
  24. try using different ports, not the same
  25. weirdly enough changing protocol from UDP to TCP in the setting for qbittorrent shows 50201 as reachable?
  26. Im trying to setup portfowarding inside linuxserver/wireguard docker container. I have been successful in connecting and acquiring an IP address from the linuxserver/wireguard container, port forwarding however is proving very difficult. In the docker containers terminal shell typing curl ifconfig.io gives me what I’m expecting, IP address for Miami - I am able to download at full speed of my internet connection, everything seems to work as I expect, except for portfowarding. Which brings to what I really need help with port forwarding. Inside qbittorrent in settings under Port used for incoming connections: 50201. 50201 is unreachable how can I fix? VVVVV Inside torguard.net VVVVV Request Port Forward tcp:50201,udp:50201 Active # TorGuard WireGuard Config [Interface] PrivateKey = XXX ListenPort = 51820 MTU = 1292 DNS =, Address = PostUp = FORWARDEDPORT=50201; iptables -A INPUT -i wg0 -p udp --dport $FORWARDEDPORT -j ACCEPT; iptables -A INPUT -i wg0 -p tcp --dport $FORWARDEDPORT -j ACCEPT; DROUTE=$(ip route | grep default | awk '{print $3}'); HOMENET=; HOMENET2=; HOMENET3=; ip route add $HOMENET3 via $DROUTE;ip route add $HOMENET2 via $DROUTE; ip route add $HOMENET via $DROUTE;iptables -I OUTPUT -d $HOMENET -j ACCEPT;iptables -A OUTPUT -d $HOMENET2 -j ACCEPT; iptables -A OUTPUT -d $HOMENET3 -j ACCEPT; iptables -A OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT PreDown = FORWARDEDPORT=50201; iptables -D INPUT -i wg0 -p udp --dport $FORWARDEDPORT -j ACCEPT; iptables -D INPUT -i wg0 -p tcp --dport $FORWARDEDPORT -j ACCEPT; HOMENET=; HOMENET2=; HOMENET3=; ip route del $HOMENET3 via $DROUTE;ip route del $HOMENET2 via $DROUTE; ip route del $HOMENET via $DROUTE; iptables -D OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT; iptables -D OUTPUT -d $HOMENET -j ACCEPT; iptables -D OUTPUT -d $HOMENET2 -j ACCEPT; iptables -D OUTPUT -d $HOMENET3 -j ACCEPT [Peer] PublicKey = XXX AllowedIPs = Endpoint = PersistentKeepalive = 25 Docker-compose version: "2.1" services: wireguard: image: lscr.io/linuxserver/wireguard container_name: wireguard cap_add: - NET_ADMIN - SYS_MODULE environment: - PUID=1000 - PGID=1000 - TZ=America/New_York volumes: - /home/gary/docker/wireguard-client:/config - /lib/modules:/lib/modules qbittorrent: image: lscr.io/linuxserver/qbittorrent container_name: qbittorrent network_mode: service:wireguard environment: - PUID=1000 - PGID=1000 - TZ=America/New_York - WEBUI_PORT=8088 volumes: - /home/gary/docker/qbittorent:/config - /mnt/winshare:/downloads restart: unless-stopped ports: - 8088:8088 #qbittorrent gui port - 50201:50201 #Ports used for incoming connections: qbit listening port - 50201:50201/udp #Ports used for incoming connections: qbit listening port
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