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  3. Hi all, Has something changed recently? I've not had an issue since recently. When browsing I constantly get 'resolving host' latency. Sometimes the webpages load (after about 10 seconds) but mostly I get DNS error messages. I am using my router as my DNS as i am running Merlin firmware with Diversion to filter domains. As soon as I disconnect the VPN my browsing experience is back to normal. I can't work out what is happening - I have setup a custom DNS as in the Torguard windows app which has always worked previously.
  4. I spent all day yesterday trying various combinations of 'tick boxes' on the TG Android client on my Nvidia Shield in order that it will connect the VPN 'on boot' and it just would NOT do it. Never got to try out the situation of 'Connect on wake-up' but I suspect this would be just as disappointing. In the end I had to use the OpenVPN app (which has an awful UI !!) and import various .ovpn files. My Nvidia Shield now connects to VPN on boot perfectly. Is this a known problem for this app? If so, is it likely to be fixed any time soon. Cheers
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  6. balexter

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Hell folks at TG, I am on a Samsung S7 edge with Oreo (8.0) and this feature worked just fine for me. To be honest this feature was what brought me to use a VPN on my android again (battery drain was just to much beforehand). Can you please reenable it and let user decide if they activate it or disable it if it's not working? Regards
  7. directnupe


    Dear Jgsieve, Hello I am the OP of this guide. I hope that you are well. The easiest and simplest method to block url's on OpenWrt is to install luci-app-adblock or Simple AdBlock - see here: https://openwrt.org/packages/pkgdata/luci-app-adblock or here: https://github.com/openwrt/packages/tree/master/net/simple-adblock/files Look here for how to use - https://www.reddit.com/r/openwrt/comments/8jej3p/what_is_the_best_method_for_installing_unbound_on/ and look for my last post which is the last post on this page. In summary: 1- In Luci go to Services > Adblock > Along The Top of The Page > Go To Advanced 2 - Underneath Advanced > Click on Edit Configuration 3- Go to the end of the Standard Pre- Installed Entires 4- Skip a line and enter the following below: config source 'stevenblack' option adb_src 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts' option adb_src_rset '\$0~/^0\.0\.0\.0[[:space:]]+([[:alnum:]_-]+\.){1,}[[:alpha:]]+([[:space:]]|$)/{print tolower(\$2)}' option adb_src_desc 'unified blocklist, daily updates, approx. 32.000 entries' option enabled '1' 5- Save. Next in Luci Adblock Settings for DNS Backend (DNS Directory) = dnsmasq for Download Utility = wget & Startup Trigger = wan. Then enter the following in the other settings: A- Put check next to ( 1 ) Verbose Debug Logging ( 2 ) Force Local DNS ( 3 ) Flush DNS Cache under Extra Options and finally Max. Download Queue = 16 / Save and Apply in order to restart Adblock with new configuration which you just made. 6- References: https://github.com/StevenBlack/hosts https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts https://forum.turris.cz/t/adblock-doesnt-seem-to-work-on-wifi/6722/6 ( Look 1/2 way down page for Steven Black configuration for adblock ) This is for the raw hosts file with base extensions containing 60,855 entries You may add custom url's as well. Blacklist / whitelist and so on. Excuse the slow reply. Merry Christmas and all that rot - and good luck. Peace In All Ways, directnupe
  8. Normally Chicago or Vegas, the disconnects do causes issues because it exposes your IP address and that caused a email to arrive.....
  9. Team, I just signed up today because for a while I've heard about your stellar speeds. I have direct fiber to my place on a Gigabit plan through ATT Gigapower. Service is amazing, fast, stable. Any day of the week anytime I can pull speedtest.net results around 940Mb down and 940Mb up, with 10-12ms latency - Point is that it's a super great connection. I signed up today and paid for the dedicated 10Gb backbone. I configured and added each 10Gb server manually and tried each 10Gb connection with each of the various options trying to get better speeds. The best I could manage download was around 150-200Mb, similar upload speeds. I understand that there is some VPN overhead of around 3-15% give or take. Even so, I would still expect faster speeds than that. What kinds of speeds are those on a true gigabit connection getting? What other things should I be looking at or testing? I installed the client on a healthy Windows machine. I have an Ubiquity Edge-Router lite. Is that sufficient or does that not matter for VPN traffic and that's all handled on Windows client side for processing power? The router can easily handle Gb internet traffic not using a VPN client on my windows machine.
  10. Bardmaster

    How to configure uTorrent on Windows

    Hi - I have Windows Server 2016 and am running uTorrent as a service - that way it is always running on my server and all I have to do is drop a torrent file into a specific folder that it monitors. This works fine without VPN proxy, but when I add the proxy it doesn't work (and server doesn't like it when I run the Torguard VPN client on it). I have to log in to the server with my admin user - my assumption here is the proxy doesn't login by itself for some reason. Has anybody figured out how to resolve this? Thinking of trying qbitorrent to see if that works any better.
  11. Are you still seeing these speeds to this location? What locations do you connect to? Regards
  12. Hi Nicholas That's an odd one i haven't heard of this happening before - by chance can you switch tunneltype to OpenConnect and retest this? Regards
  13. I am either using the Open VPN 2.4 client or my Vilfo router with is also version 2.4.
  14. Support

    Blocked Netflix USA access

    Hi ViiJay Is this problem now resolved fro you?
  15. What version of OpenVPN are you running there?
  16. The speed is better, not what it was but it improved. What did stop is the drops, where it would drop several times a day I think it's going maybe once every few days.
  17. That is already in my config. The server is trying to push 256-CBC to me but since I have "cipher AES-256-GCM" in my config then the server negotiates down to 125-GCM. Below is my config with the TLS and CA key sections removed. client dev tun proto udp remote ny.east.usa.torguardvpnaccess.com 1195 remote-cert-tls server auth SHA256 key-direction 1 setenv CLIENT_CERT 0 ncp-disable resolv-retry infinite nobind tls-version-min 1.2 cipher AES-256-GCM auth-user-pass tun-mtu-extra 32
  18. Support

    italy server not work

    Hello, did you manage to solve this problem? Regards
  19. Hi Rush You need to add the following config line to your OpenVPN config to prevent cipher negotiation: ncp-disable It should then use the cipher you specify Regards
  20. Hi guys, are you still seeing such issues?
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  22. Jgsieve


    If I want to bypass specific urls from using the vpn, do I just put those in the Dnsmasq area?
  23. uNc

    openvpn ASUS RT-AC88U

    You need to flash AC88U with Merlin firmware and use "policy rules" and "Client routing" to direct all your devices to either WAN interface (no VPN) or thru the VPN. This is accomplished only with Merlin as stock Asus firmware does not offer this capability. Also you can select "Block routed clients if tunnel goes down" on the VPN Client settings page to eliminate IP address showing. Regards,
  24. I am using the config generator to create a config to ultimately use with my Vilfo VPN router. I have tried so many variations to try to connect at 256 GCM but the logs show that the TG servers report back 256 CBC and then the client and server settle on 128 GCM. Has anyone got a config working for this sort of scenario? I have tested with the generic OPEN VPN client as well and always get the same result.
  25. In the same boat. For some US I'm getting decent speeds, but for the other servers it's under 10mbps. Netherlands use to get 75 to 100mbps depending on local speed and a few others, but now under 10mbps at best.
  26. Hello All, When I try to open hyperlinks inside Microsoft Word while connected to VPN, some of the links are slow to open. I have tried internet exploder, firefox, and chrome and they are all slow. I have tried the same links while NOT connected to vpn and they open quickly. I am using Window 7 PRO 64-bit Build 7601, Microsoft Word 2016. Chrome seems to be the fastest, but even it can take over 10 seconds, sometimes 45 seconds when the site is not cached. Here is a test link below that works fast without vpn and SLOW with vpn. Is there a setting that I can change to make this faster? Any suggestions are appreciated. https://blogs.oracle.com/dbcs/connecting-to-a-database-cloud-service-with-sql-developer-and-ssh I am currently evaluating the product starting today and so far this is the only thing I have found that is slow, otherwise, my internet speed using speedtest.net is actually a little faster (minor difference). Thanks, - Nicholas
  27. ViiJay

    Blocked Netflix USA access

    Hello everyone, to keep you updated it seems that the problem solved itself. Just like that. I haven't changed anything or juggled with other configs yesterday and today it just works as if it had always worked before. Seems it was some weird thing no one can explain. Unfortunately I can't tell you what made it work because I don't know myself and as said before I haven't changed anything. VPN is now up for almost 24h. In case I will find out what made it work again I will post it here. Yours ViiJay.
  28. hi now i cant connect to italy server
  29. bassozka

    shown remote ip

    hi remote ip that shown after connected is not Dangerous?can anyone remote my computer?
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